Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years' with Nana and Papa

*I apologize in advance for the lack of photos in this post!  New Years' resolution - TAKE MORE PHOTOS!*

The day after Christmas we eagerly awaited the arrival of Nana and Papa, who spent the week after Christmas with us.  It's so fun to have visitors, especially during a time that we're all suffering cabin fever!

Nana and Papa brought a truck-full (literally) of food, presents and games we could all enjoy together while they were here.  Particular favorites were the Honeybaked ham and the Glaus' bakery cake!

 Some fun highlights were:
  • A delicious dinner with our dear friends the Campbells.
  • Baking cookies with Nana.

  • Swimming at the pool.

  • Trip to Spokane - lunch and a movie out for Josh and Amy, Childrens' Science Museum for the kids!
  • Dinner out for Josh and Amy at The Black Cypress:  We ordered appetizers of swordfish skewers and a pork ravioli, followed by our entrees of seasoned grilled pork chop with mashed potatoes for me, and scallops with roasted vegetables for Josh.  
  • Bowling and ice cream with Papa

Our New Years' Eve we got to have some additional special guests over for our celebration.  Josh has a colleague at work named Debbie, who has shown some interest in our church.  She doesn't have any family nearby, and we invited her for Christmas brunch, but she came down with the flu.  Josh and Ben took her a basket with some food, treats and a requested copy of The Book of Mormon.  She joined us for New Years' Eve, along with some carefully chosen gifts for the kids.

We invited the missionaries over as well to join us and to meet her, and after a dinner of salads, fruit, swiss cheese fondue, and sparkling cider, the kids and I went downstairs and the "adults" stayed upstairs for a gospel discussion.  It was a nice experience for us all, and a great way to end the year! 

Debbie's expressed a desire to attend church, and Josh is looking forward to going to her ward with her on Sunday!  

The kids and I worked on their New Year goals a bit on New Years' Eve.  I've been a little distracted and haven't been able to get mine written down quite yet (I'm still thinking about a few), but I'll share theirs:

Loves:  Chili, doing crafts and reading 'Paige the Christmas Fairy'.
This past year, Boo was the first one in her primary class to pass of her articles of faith, she was baptized and she went to UT, and Math was her biggest challenge.
Boo's planning to get faster at math, get better at doing paper beads, and pass off all of her A-Z subtraction facts.
Loves:  Cheese and chips (nachos), coloring and the book 'Frog and Toad'.
This past year he learned how to write, hardest thing was doing hard math, loved going to Seattle, and loves most about 2012 his cat, Milo.  
Yaks wants to learn to play a hard star wars game, get better at riding a two wheel bike, and learn the times tables.  :)


Loves:  Porridge (Oatmeal), playing farm animals and the book 'Chicken Soup with Rice'.
This past year Diddles learned to use the potty, loved speech class with Bets, and made great strides in learning to ask for what she wants/needs.  Her biggest challenge was sharing and taking turns. 
With help, Diddles wants to learn how to talk when she is mad, say please and share, and use phrases and sentences when talking to others.  


Marie' said...

I like the new year resolution sheets also had the reflections of 2012. Jane, Ben, and Eliza have done well. They have grown so much!

Sarah said...

What fun. Seems like a perfect mix of quiet Christmas then visitors following! And, it meant a date out!