Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Brother Like That

Just a quick little experience that happened today.  Diddles started her first week in "the big Primary", and also a new block from 1-4pm.  I no longer have any kids in the nursery!  That's a big milestone, in and of itself.  I'm still processing how I feel about that.  I was talking to Boo and Yaks before church, making a plan of action for how we'll do pick-ups and drop-offs of Diddles.  In the future, Yaks will help her get to her seat, and Boo is in charge of picking her up from her classroom.  We all took Diddles to the Primary Room after Sacrament Meeting, and Josh got her settled in her chair in the front row, along with eight of her classmates and two teachers.  Rolled up her blanket to hold, and had her put her binkie in her pocket.  :\

I was amazed again how DIFFERENT each of our children are.  Boo was ready and rearing to go to Sunbeams.  Yaks was pretty confident to go (he always had Boo in the next row), but COULD NOT stay awake all through the block! I remember he would fall asleep on a different coat each week of whatever Primary worker happened to be close when he nodded off.  So funny!  Diddles seems SO immature to me!  She still seems like a baby in what she comprehends and how she communicates.  I worry and wonder if she'll make the adjustment okay.

Josh and I were on surveillance outside the doors, to make sure things were going okay.  Right before the meeting started, Yaks got up from his chair came out to talk to me:

(blinking back tears) Yaks:  "Mom, what will I do if Diddles starts crying?  What if she needs something and they don't understand how she talks?"
Me:  "Oh, it's okay.  She's got two primary teachers, and the primary presidency is right there, and I'll stay here in the back and keep an eye on her to make sure she's settled before I leave."
Yaks:  "I'm just so worried she'll have a hard time!"  (bursts into tears)
(Oh, this boy is the sweetest little tender-heart!)
Me:  "I'll stay right here until I know she's okay."
Yaks:  (sniffles) "O...kay..."

Yaks' two-year-in-a-row teacher, Brother Paikuli anxiously came back to make sure Yaks wasn't crying because he was sad he had a different teacher this year.  He probably was a little anxious about that, but this concern seemed to overpower all of the others!  Diddles seemed to do just fine.  Boo picked her up, and Diddles excitedly showed us her pink foam crown that said, "I am a Child of God".

I found Yaks on this high countertop playing Legos over Christmas.  "What are you doing up there?"
"It's the only place I can find where Diddles won't bother me!"  

Diddles' Plate-o-Corn, following today's Fast Sunday.  

I'm so glad for the three little children I get to raise.  What wonderful spirits they are!

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Trish and Matt said...

That is so sweet! I know you'll always be glad you recorded it.