Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Diddles!

Happy Birthday, Diddles!  I must admit that you do seem older this year, although the year seems to have sped by.  It's wonderful to see all of the progress you have made this year.  You are a good head taller than everyone your age, with lots of wavy brown hair, lovely eyelashes and a sweetheart face.  You've grown so much, both physically and emotionally !

  Oh, here's an interesting tidbit. Take a look at this photo, and imagine my surprise when I saw this old photo sitting in a frame at Grandma's house.  I think you look a LOT like your great-grandma. 

After your last birthday we had some rocky months, starting with your accident when your burned hands.  Poor baby.  That was a sad, tough experience.  I'm looking forward to spending this Halloween with you, and only having bandages as part of a costume!  

We also had a large hurdle to overcome with your language delay.  Diagnosed with Expressive Language Disorder, tears and tantrums, frustration and yelling were part of our daily life for many months.   Entering your independent two's, but having no language skills to be able to communicate what you wanted or needed, only magnified the problem.  

Fortunately, you had a great speech therapist who came to our rescue.  If we could nominate an MVP for this year,  it would be Betsy.

She's your friend.  If we asked you, "Do you want to go see Bets?"  The reply would always  be "YEEEEEESSS!"  Betsy has toys and attention just for you, and once a week for an entire hour, she was devoted to your learning and entertainment.  Who wouldn't love that?  Well, Betsy is something special.  She taught you how to ask for help and how to say, "all done" when you'd had enough of an activity.  She taught you how to ask for "more" instead of arching your back and screaming.  She taught you to be patient and take turns and know that "mine turn" will come.  That's still really hard, but you're getting it!  Now that you're three, you have "graduated" from the program, and will begin taking speech at the elementary school.  You don't know that last week was your last session with Betsy.  I wonder how many times you will ask about it.  You'll miss her.  We all will. We drowned our sorrows together over a dollar scoop at Licks on Thursday.  :)

You've still got progress to make, but we are so happy to see you so happy.  You can communicate and express yourself.  It's so fun to see your fun little personality shine, now that it's not blocked by a big language barrier. 

You gave up your bottle this year, and now drink from a cup, which is amazing!  Your favorite blanket (bwank), a brown, paisley fleece with innumerable "tags"around the border is your favorite lovey.  I still can't believe we left it at the airport gate on our way to Nauvoo!?  Of all the absent-minded mom moves.  We're sure glad you've been reunited.  All is well, all is well.  :)

Some of your favorites include "i-ceams", oatmeal (porridge), grapes, watermelon, broccoli, hot dogs, any kind of pasta, rice, salmon and frosting.  Forget the cake - Just the frosting!  :)  You still love animals:  cats, dogs, chickens, sheep and horses.  A highlight of this year was riding a horse at This is the Place park and the horse-pulled wagon ride in Nauvoo.

Whenever  you see a video or photo of a horse, you lift your leg and say, "Wide. Hoase."  You love to line up your animals and place them in arranged seating in a school bus or in rooms in the toy house.  You enjoy stickers, painting (paper, walls, chairs, mirrors), washing your hands, and taking a bath, so long as you're joined by a sibling.

Speaking of siblings.  Oh, you do get into their stuff?  Yes, you do!  Each day you are the most beloved and the most notorious member of the family, depending on what your hands have been doing.  We've resorted to calling things that you shouldn't touch "special".  Mommy's "peshoal" is her wallet and all it's glittery cards.  Boo's is her jewelry box and necklaces, Yaks is his lego creations, and Dad's is...well, there are too many "peshoals" of Dad's to list here.  He has lots of "peshoals".  But, it's sure cute to see you handle something greedily and then whisper, "peshoal".  Reminds me of someone else:

But, those kids love you!  I mean, who else could get them to do something like this, without even uttering a word?  Scrambled eggs, a blanket, an umbrella to block the sun, and a fan to keep you comfortable?  Sign me up!

You've got a special little spot in your heart for Papa.  He's got a helicopter that you just think is the best thing ever.  Talk about "peshoal"...  You love to spend time with him and watch him fly his "hogger".  :)
Your mom and dad sure love you, too.  You're my little compadre now at home with both kids in school all day.  I'm glad to have someone with me to keep things interesting, or at least to have someone to talk with!

Here comes another year!  Your little baby-ness is slowly disappearing, but I'll cling to that soft baby "chunk" and your sweet baby cheeks for as long as I possibly can!  We are so thankful to have you as a part of our family.  You are our brown-haired caboose, and we love, love, love you!

Happy Birthday, little girl!


Sarah said...

What a sweet read to end my night with!

Marie' said...

Happy birthday! We all love you!

Heidi said...

So so so cute!

Dianna said...

Your mommy posts are some of my favorites. I love how you love your children with such an individual love and you know all their unique characteristics. You are amazing and so is your little caboose!

Liz said...

Happy birthday! I know it's been a while, but I still hope she's celebrating.