Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School - 2012

Despite my efforts to get everything laid out and ready for this morning, it still ended up being hectic!  It didn't help that I couldn't fall asleep last night and was awake for the day at 3am.  The kids were SO excited going to bed last night, and Yaks was up at 6:30 dressed and ready to pack his lunchbox (blink-blink)!  I am glad they were excited and no tears were shed!

Josh gave each of the kids a father's blessing last night, which were so special.  I love that tradition, and am so thankful that Josh is so willing and able to do it.  I peeked at each of the kids during their individual blessing, and they had proud grins on their faces.
First Grde, 2nd Grade, and Hopeful Student

Meet the Teacher night was last night.  Yaks has a different teacher than Boo, and I'm happy he'll have a different experience from her.  She really enjoyed last year, but I think it will be good for Yaks to have his own year without feeling like he's living in Boo's shadow.  He has several friends in his classroom, but felt a bit overwhelmed when he learned that there were THREE recesses.  That much spare time for Yaks is a bit overwhelming for our introverted boy!  That being said, his favorite part about today was "sitting in the shade at recess."

Making a statement with some red sneaks!  Size 2!

Boo's teacher is a young, energetic gal, and an equally energetic student teacher!  We got to meet them both last night, and I think Boo's excited, despite the fact that only a couple of her friends from Kindergarten and 1st grade ended up in her class.  We're looking on the bright side by saying that it's great she's got friends in ALL three classes, now!  Her favorite thing about today was listening to some poems read by the student teacher. 

3 1/2's!  These shoes remind me of watermelon.

Head-to-toe pink

We had our traditional first day, front porch pictures, and I had to chuckle that Diddles was digging around in the front closet to get an old backpack and unused lunch bag to be just like the kids.  We have this wonderful shortcut path right through our backyard.  We've tried it out several times this summer, and timed how long it takes us to walk to school.  It was fun to finally use it for real!

 The school yard was a little chaotic.  They gave a couple parents some signs that said where to line up, and Boo took off to find her friends with a casual wave goodbye, but Yaks was so nervous he wasn't in the right place, he almost started crying!  I thought the teachers were going to come outside and pick up their classes, but then the line started moving and they were all going into the building in a big pack!  I could see the panic on his face, but I just stood there with my thumb up and a smile on my face, praying my heart out that he'd find his teacher and have a good day.  Fortunately, he found his way there, and had a great day.

I was expecting Diddles to want to follow the kids in, but she happily sat buckled into her stroller, munching on the lunch she packed for herself (bread and cheese)!  Home we went, and Diddles happily talked about "Boo, Koos (school)!"  "Yaks, Koos!"  "Bye, kids!"  I've always said she enjoys being an only child, and having small doses of the kids all at once.  I think she will thoroughly enjoy being home with me this year.  :)

Have a great year!


Dianna said...

I love the first day of school. I think I might have to start taking pictures of Abbey's new school shoes - great idea! Have a fantastic school year!

Cel Frumos said...

Aww! Glad they got a great start to the school year. Boo looks so pretty with her long hair. Oh -- and I can't believe Boo's wearing a 3.5! Claire's still growing into a size 1. Enjoy your time home alone with Diddles!

Sarah said...

Their shoes (bright colors which are fun to start school in!) make my girls' feet seem TINY!

I think that path is great. Can't get more convienent than that when waiting for them to make it back from school. I'm a bit weary of my two meeting up after school.

We don't start 'til Sept 4th. We're trying to stay entertained until then.