Thursday, September 6, 2012

A "Diddle" Birthday Party (Belated)

I got behind in posting!  I hate when that happens.  After Diddles' birthday, life shifted into warp-speed and I just didn't get it written down.  However, I think it's worth playing a bit of catch-up for posterity purposes.  Bear with me, friends. 

Diddles' birthday fell on a Sunday this year, so we tried to make it as special as we could with church right in the middle of the day.  It actually made for a nice day.  No crazy theme.  No over-the-top decorations.  Her breakfast of choice:  strawberries and "porridge" (oatmeal with 1/2 and 1/2 and brown sugar).  We made mini blueberry muffins for her to share with her nursery class.  The kids were up late the night before, individually wrapping her presents, and making preparations for her special day. 

Nana and Papa have this cute little Maurice Sendak Nutshell Library set at their house, which is very old, but Diddles loves to look at it when she's visiting.  It's the perfect size for little hands!  The book jackets on their set are really fragile, so we were so happy they got her very own set to love here at home!  We've read them many, many times since!  

After church Diddles took a nice nap, which was wonderful!  We're all so much happier after naps, don't you agree? She opened her presents of a Fisher Price Farm and school bus, (which I found on Craigslist, both sets for $10!) as well as a little plush horse barn.  She enjoyed the afternoon quietly rearranging them to her liking.  She still sleeps with ALL of them at night.  It makes for a pretty crowded crib. 

 After a dinner of salmon, rice pilaf, rolls, salad and watermelon, we enjoyed some heavily frosted cupcakes and several rounds of the "Happy Birthday" song, and about five turns re-blowing out the candles!  It was a great day. 

 Loving all the music just for her!
We did a little birthday photo shoot outside, which was surprisingly a lot of fun!  

I love her dimples.
 And her dark lashes and button nose.

Cute little bubs. 


Sarah said...

You hunted down some great presents!
I love the very top picture. Sweet face.

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Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Diddles.
Nice beautiful snaps, sweet girl.
You are looking very good.
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