Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sunday in the Park with S'mores

The past two Sundays have been pretty nice weather-wise.  Our spring/summer season is so short here, so we have to get out and enjoy it while we can!  Josh is so great at organizing us so we can get out and doing things, so he's planned dinner outings two weeks in a row to our favorite spot - Kamiak Butte.  The yellowjackets weren't out yet.  We only needed light jackets, and we had the park to ourselves!

This past Sunday he made tin-foil dinners, cut up a watermelon and some fixings for s'mores.  Diddles loves the "Sim"(swing), and the kids love to explore the trees and trails around the park.

Josh and Yaks practiced their hatchet skills.  Note for you non-scouters:  a "blood circle" is the safety circle, is a term used to describe the area within the radius of the arm and blade length combined, when using a pocket knife, knife or axe.  

Yaks really got the hang of it!  

We found these ENORMOUS marshmallows at our grocery store that equal about 2 regular sized mallows.  I could only eat one S'more. They were the kids' favorites, obviously.  

Three cheers for Spring!  It may really be on its way!  I'm going to try to forget the fact that it snowed this morning (Wednesday). 


Liz said...

This looks like so much fun. That's exactly what we would try to do in weather like that! I like the look of that park. I think we should make some tin foil dinners soon and find somewhere to cook them!

Marie' said...

I am impressed with Yaks' skill.