Monday, April 30, 2012

Inspiring Futures

 Several weeks ago Josh told me he had been invited to the Capital Campaign Kickoff (say that 10 times fast) for U of I.  "Inspiring Futures:  Invest in the University of Idaho" was a big launch of the public phase of a large fundraising effort to raise $225K.  Over 850 donors, friends, faculty, alumni, etc would be in attendance for coctails, dinner and multi-media production to celebrate the kickoff at the Kibbie Dome (the University's Football stadium).  Josh and his team have worked long hours to ready the website to properly showcase the University, as well as market the fundraising effort.  Josh offered his services as a volunteer for the evening, and was able to attend as a guest + 1 (me)! 

As you know, I was panicking about what to wear since he told me about this event three weeks ago.  I hadn't dressed up for anything formal since my wedding, and before that, prom!  I tried to pull together an outfit from things I already had, or something I could borrow, but nothing seemed just right, and I didn't want to seem out of place.  I ended up buying this bargain black sheath from Shade, and the free shipping was a bonus!  It was a great length and fit, and even had pockets!  My only problem was I needed a dressy jacket or shrug because the dress was sleeveless. 

Boo and I stopped into our local consignment store and found the perfect thing!  It was a silvery long-sleeved shrug that paired perfectly with my dress, and it was only $9!  My sister-in-law Megan loaned me some sparkly earrings and necklace to complete my look (thanks, Megan and JCrew!).  I got my hair cut and colored and consulted Pinterest on how to do a "smokey eye". 

Saturday night Josh went over early to help set up and man his station.  I got the kids fed and myself ready and met Josh over there a couple hours later, so our babysitter would have to sit five hours for us!  It was a chilly night (50's), so I was really glad for my comfortable, modest outfit.  It's really true what we know about dressing modestly.  It's truly the way to go!  I felt sorry for this lady in front of me whom I walked with from the parking lot to the shuttle.  She was freezing in her thin, strapless dress, and there were several other women there fussing with shawls and wraps to try to stay covered. 

Josh was manning the nametag table, and his look when I caught his eye was classic!  A VERY pleasant surprise was the best way to describe me.  I think he even blushed! "You look BEAUTIFUL!"  It's kind of nice to know that you're still capable of turning your husband's head, looking like a million bucks and holding your own in a crowd of rich people. 
 Speaking of looking like a million bucks.  Josh's whole outfit cost him about $8.00!  He ordered his gold tie from Amazon, and was able to use his own black suit and french cuff shirt.   It was so fun to meet many colleagues and University figures whom I have heard so much about.  It's always a thrill to shake their hand and hear them rave about how much they enjoy working with Josh, and what great work he does.  It's like a parent/teacher conference for your husband!  :)  He works really hard.  I'm proud of him. 

As a random aside, this lady had on a dress I totally fell in love with!  I pointed it out to Josh, so we could discreetly take a picture.  It was a black lace overlay, short-sleeved with a sash.  It was so pretty!  I really wanted to know where she got it.  I was too embarrassed, so Josh said he would help me ask.  He walked past the girl I was talking about,  and tapped the shoulder of the older gentleman in the picture behind her.  He knew him a little bit and struck up a conversation with him, then said to his date (who wasn't his wife), "My wife loves your dress and wonders where you got it!"  AHHH!  Wrong woman!  Wrong dress!  I covered nicely as the elderly woman said, "You know, I'm not really sure where I got it from.  I've had it a long time."  I honestly told her she looked lovely, and after we had left the conversation, I broke the news to Josh.  We had a good laugh about it, but it gave me the courage to just walk right up to the other woman, tap her on the shoulder, tell her I loved her dress and asked her where she got it.  Nordstroms.  :)

The program was about to begin, so we found our table and our seats and had a nice conversation with our neighbors at our table.  The way they transformed the big stadium into a warm dining experience was really amazing.  Candles, flowers, linens, big screens, etc.  It was lovely. 

 Dinner was delicious.  A salad and roll to start, followed by a slow roasted beef tip in a wine sauce on top of a potato crab cake and steamed vegetables.  Dessert was a rich chocolate cake with raspberry creme. 

It was a really nice program, and they had a great mix of entertainment, video, speakers, eating, etc.  It was nice to get out and see this side of the work that Josh does.  I had a really nice time, despite the fact that I'm not really involved in it.  

"Go VANDALS!"  :)


Heidi said...

So fun to dress up! Even funner to do it when your husband is getting kudos. :)

Sarah said...

Fun to get out!
Way to go, Amy, on pulling a great outfit together. Way to go, Josh, on the outcome of your hardwork!

Taylor's said...

You guys look amazing!!! I love getting dressed up for special occasions!

Dianna said...

Well, of course Josh was speechless! You looked great, and I love hearing the story of the dress - you are very creative. Give Josh a congratulations on his hard work. You two are quite the dynamic duo.

Trish and Matt said...

You looked like a million bucks! What a fun evening.

I am totally in the market for a new black dress ... I've worn the same one to all of my brothers' weddings and with the last one in two weeks, I'm determined to wear something new. What is Shade? I've never heard of it and couldn't find it online.