Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Folk Song Spring Concert

Each Spring the school's music teacher puts on a performance with music, dancing and little speaking parts.  I can't imagine teaching the same songs and actions, class after class, let alone then trying to coordinate those six classes to pull off an evening performance in a small auditorium!  Amazing!

This years' theme was folk songs.  Yaks and Boo have been singing the songs at home and in the car, so many of them I learned or at least recognized.  They have pretty catchy tunes, but I have to agree with Josh, they start to all sound the same after a while!  Good fun just the same. 

"Old man Tucker was a mighty man.  Washed his face in a frying pan, combed his hair with a wagon wheel...."
"So, get out the way, Old man Tucker.  Get out the way, Old man Tucker, You're too late, to get your supper..."   (or something like that) :)

This wouldn't be a family blog without posting some footage of their performance.  I opted to stay home this year, because the show started at 7pm, which is Diddles' bedtime.  I was sure if she attended, she would have ruined the performance, or I would have been in the hall with her anyway.  Josh did a good job of getting a pretty good seat and capturing the concert on video.

It was pretty funny to watch my kids' true personalities come out on stage.  Boo, the rule-follower and "oldest-child" was seen shushing the chatty kids in her class, and pointing out another childs' place in case they got lost.  Hands all on her hips like she knows what she's doing.  haha.  Cute to see that it takes THREE kids to remove the music stand!

Cute Boo.  She can either sing or dance, but doing both together was a challenge.   Not perfect, but that's why I love it.  Maybe her height has something to do with it.
Me:  "Who's the tallest girl in your class, Boo?"
Boo:  "That's easy.  It's me."

Then Yaks, ever observant and full of thoughts.  I can just see his brain processing all that was going on.  Nervous but excited.  You can see his little West Virginia smile while singing this song.  The title is 'Little Liza Jane', so you can understand why it makes him smile.  And will you look at those little cuties in front of him?  The light-blonde girl is in his Primary class and we carpool together.  She's a little doll-head.  Way to go, kids! 


Sarah said...

Yes! So fun to see each one's personality.

Dianna said...

So, so cute!