Friday, January 27, 2012

Chocolate Cake Day

Did you know that today is Chocolate Cake Day? I didn't know it either, until it was pointed out to me this morning at 7am. (blink-blink) Boo came into my room with her little calender, and said, "(sigh) Mom? Today's Chocolate Cake, I guess you've gotta make a chocolate cake today." The way she said it was more of a messenger, delivering the news. As if to say, "Sorry mom, but that's what the calender says!"

Knowing her love for chocolate cake, and both Yaks and Boo's love of helping to bake, I decided we may as well go for it. I was shocked to later learn that in truth, today IS National Chocolate Cake Day! I'm glad at least to know that my kids don't make up days just to get me to bake them chocolate confections.

Every time I make chocolate cake, I think of the Bill Cosby sketch about giving his kids chocolate cake for breakfast. So funny! (Watch from 3:55)

The kids helped me frost the layers when they got home from school.

"I can't hardly wait until we get to eat it!"

"Will we get to have the leftover frosting?"

Yaks later said, "Mom, tomorrow is Kwanzo day. That's a weird word, Kwanzo. I don't even know what we do on that day!" I asked him if he meant Kwanzaa (Kwanzaa is in December...)? He brought me the little calender, and I looked and saw that tomorrow is indeed KAZOO DAY. I agree with him, though. That's a weird word, and I don't know WHAT we do on that day!

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Dianna said...

That cake looks soooo yummy and worthy of Chocolate Cake Day. I think Kazoo Day and Chocolate Cake Day should get together and have a party.