Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Practical Treasure

Several weeks ago I got a package in the mail from my Aunt Kathryn (my mom's sister). Inside was a short note and a box, which contained a silver wind-up wrist watch that belonged to my Grandma. It's one of those stretchy wristbands and you have to wind it up each day for it to keep the time!
I actually really like wearing watches. My old watch was burning through its battery once a month, so I've had to rely on the wall clock or my cell phone, and it's been so nice to have this one! I'm amazed at how many times a mother looks at the clock during the day, especially with kids in school. Each time I glance down to look at the time, I think of my Grandma. To me it's a practical treasure, and I absolutely love it!

We didn't grow up near our grandparents. Our relationship consisted of brief, long-distance phone calls on our birthdays or Christmas, and a day or two spent visiting them while we were on our family vacation to Utah.

I remember one afternoon I spent with Grandma as a young girl. I think my cousin Ann or Rachel were also with us. We went with her visiting a neighbor who had some fresh raspberries for her, which Grandma made into some jam. We visited a few of the neighbors around the block either dropping something by or just popping in to say hello. We picked apples in the backyard, careful to examine each one for worm holes! Later on, Grandma let us help get the "biscuits" ready for dinner. I always thought it funny that Grandma called home made rolls, "biscuits". They were the farthest thing from a dry, crumbly biscuit that I have ever eaten! I remember watching her wrinkled but strong hands work that dough! Grandma walked with purpose in her step, and a lot of love in her heart. I could tell that, and I couldn't have been more than eight-years old. We had to hustle to keep up with her!

At college I was able to spend some more time with her and Grandpa. My visits were now more sitting and talking than going and doing, but she still spent time thinking of others. Although her strong, quick step had slowed now to a tottering shuffle, I never left their house without a leftover sweet roll, a bag of apples, or something wrapped in a napkin "for when you get hungry".

Now I have this wonderful watch of hers. I get to wear it and use it every day and think of her. As I run around from place to place doing things for family and friends, I think of my Grandma and the person she was.

I hope I can walk with that same purpose to serve in my step,
and with that same love in my heart.


Dianna said...

This is such a great tribute to your grandma. She sounds like a wonderful woman to emulate. Now you can keep time thinking about her until you can see her in eternity.

Sarah said...

What a WONDERFUL reminder of Grandma. A daily visual to keep going for your kids. To keep purpose in your step. How wonderful that Aunt Katie got it into your hands!

Nicole said...

You are such a good writer Amy! I love this post. It and the watch are both beautiful!

Catherine said...

That's great to have a daily reminder of her. I think of Grandma every time I look at her chair in our front room. Its nice to have a part of them with us. I'm reading Grandma Dibble's book right now and am amazed at what incredible people our ancestor were!! I have a lot to live up to.