Friday, February 3, 2012

Lego Mania!

I wondered when Yaks would end his obsession with Knights and Castles. He's been into those since he was three. He's always liked "making setups", as we call them. We had a little episode with Spiderman, but now we are full-on into LEGO! Remember Zack the Lego Maniac commercial in the 80's?

We're not quite that bad here, but he sure likes his Legos and is already dreaming about the set he wants for his birthday. I say set (singular), because unfortunately, they don't come cheap. Those little plastic molds run about $20.00 for a small set!

We were in our local drug/toy store (yes, you heard that right) during the holidays, and we were looking at the Lego sets, when a guy my age couldn't help but chime in and voice his displeasure. He said, "You know when I was a kid, Lego was all about creation! They didn't give you sets and diagrams to follow. You had to create from your own imagination, and that's what made it so fun! Now they've cashed in on "sets" with Harry Potter, Star's a TRAGEDY!" I didn't want to argue with him. He was pretty passionate about the conspiracy. After he went off in a huff over Lego, we went about our browsing.

We would never wish this on anyone, but I saw this on Pinterest and laughed.
Anyone who has stepped on one knows the pain those little bricks can cause. :)

But, I'm sure he would be pleased to see that Yaks does plenty of creating from his own imagination. His favorite parts of any set are the teeny, tiny little items: a chalice, a gun, a treasure box with six microscopic jewels that fit inside, a chain and anchor, and of course the "guys". Here is just a little sampling of some of the masterpieces he's created.


Chad said...

You should have told that guy to stick a lego where the sun don't shine, because he is full of crap. Unless he bought his lego's from the DI, they have always had themes, and instructions. Then you built it once, threw out the instructions and tried your best to remember how it went, but always made you own adaptations.

Dianna said...

When our Ben got married and moved out he took his very large storage container full of the Legos he and Brett had collected and created with over the years. Now we have a new supply started with Abbey and she is carrying on the tradition. I don't know if it is an architect thing or not, but Brett has never grown out of his Lego phase. Maybe your Yaks will be an architect.

Nicole said...

I laughed at that poster too! Oh my gosh, I can't tell you how many lego sets we have! And they are played and played and played with. I hope the inventor of legos is a bajillionaire, because he/she deserves it for the happy hours of play time!

Sarah said...

I've tried to get mine into these, with no luck. He is definately showing his creativity thru them!

Liz said...

That's how Owen is! I love it. They create such fun things. We've got to get these cousins together sometime. :)