Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pep Rally

First day of school tomorrow. Rah, rah, rah? Ugh, I need a pep rally to get excited about this year. I'm feeling just like I did last year, but times TWO. It's horrible. I always knew this day would come with my first two kids so close together. First Boo and the very next year Yaks. I hate it. I don't want my kids to leave my sight and my influence. I feel like I'm losing them forever. (deep breath) But, they both have wonderful teachers and friends in their classes. This experience will be just what they need to learn and grow. There are things at school that they will learn that I just cannot teach them at home. I just have to keep telling myself that.

We were looking at the school supply lists the other day, and I asked Yaks if he was getting excited to go to school. He sighed thoughtfully, and then said, "No, not really." When I asked him why, he said, "Well, the only thing I've ever done is my race." He was worried that he didn't have enough "experience" to go to school, and that in order to be "good" at it, he needed to be able to do a lot of things. I have a tendency when he expresses fears to then proceed to steamroll all of his fears away by doing a monologue of all of the wonderful things that school will be, how great he is going to be at it, and how much fun it is. Blah, blah, blah, blah... I talk too much.

Josh takes a much better approach. An approach I learned and implemented as a teacher, but when I became a mother, I forgot how to do it. He listened to everything he had to say. Listened and then asked questions, "What kind of things are you worried about?" "What fun things do you think you'll do at school?" "What things do you think we could do to help?" He lets Yaks do all the talking, while at the same time letting him process his fears. It's amazing to watch, and it really works. For him and for me! Turns out one of his worries was that Boo wouldn't pick him up after school and he wouldn't know where to go. So, Josh took the kids over to the school and let them walk up and back on the path that the kids walk to the pick-up spot.

The other day Yaks asked, "Mom, do you still have your wedding clothes?" I told him I did have them, hanging in my closet in a white bag. "Dats good," he said. "When I get big and get married, I'll just need some wedding clothes for me." He told Josh the other day that he's planning to get married to me in the backyard. Isn't he the sweetest?
(Self-portraits taken with phone camera. There were about 25 photos!)
Someday, someone is going to love this face almost as much as me.

One afternoon he wanted to create a model of the Island of Sodor from Thomas the Train. He really feels loved when you work on these types of construction projects with him. We worked on it all afternoon!

We combined all of our track sets and trains and made everything from the Duke and Duchess's summer house to Tidmouth Sheds, to the Search and Rescue Center, the Smelter's Yard,and the hidden track where Hiro is discovered. He's quite creative and resourceful. He felt really proud upon completing it. He's going to do great at school.

Yaks loves to help. He's always asking, "Is there anything I can do for you?" That makes me happy. He's also always saying, "I'm bored," because he knows that phrase makes my blood boil. I always suggest chores he must do when he says it. A few weeks ago we washed the car in the driveway to keep us busy. Yaks was anxious to do an especially thorough job. At the end he said, "We're car washing experts!"

Even Diddles got into the activity!

"You missed a spot there, Yaks."
We can always count on Boo to humble us.

Speaking of pep-talks and things we can do...we started a new church schedule a few weeks ago. We're now in the 1-4pm block. I've been dreading it for weeks! A brother who gave the opening prayer asked a blessing on the parents and the small children who were adjusting to the change in schedule. We needed that prayer! We did just great until we got home from church when Diddles started crying. I tried to get her to eat some lunch, but she was inconsolable. She didn't want to eat. Didn't want to be held. Didn't want her blanket, bottle, music or toys. She just kindof wandered around wailing - her head all sweaty, with her hair sticking to her her tear-stained, sweaty face. Heartbreaking.

Josh finally picked her up and rocked her until she conked out. She napped for an hour and then woke up just as grumpy. It felt like the longest day of the year!

This is how I feel inside!

We can do it! Right, Diddles?


Dianna said...

That boy of yours is a keeper!

Sunny said...

I'm glad I'm not the only Mom trying to convince herself that sending her kiddos off into the big, bad world is a good idea. My mom used to give herself 24 hours of time-out after she sent a child to the MTC. I had to give myself a half hour after I dropped Kate off at Kindergarten. This morning Jane said, "Kate, remember we were playing Pocahontas?" And Kate said, "I can't Jane. I have to go to school." Who said it's okay for kiddos to grow up?