Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Off They Go!

Boo and Yaks are off to their first day of school. They were up early (6am), excited and a little anxious. I was a little sad all morning, but was determined to create a smooth morning with no frustrations and all of the "important" things done. We had breakfast and scriptures and prayers and brushed teeth. Josh gave both kids a blessing, which was as much a comfort for me to hear as it hopefully was for the kids to receive. We had time for stories and picture-taking and found ourselves just sitting around nervously watching the clock for go-time.

You can get a really genuine smile out of Boo by having her say, "noodle-neck!" Her word, not mine.

Josh took Boo in to school on his way in to work. She was worried she wouldn't know where to line up, but managed to find it, or so I'm told. I'll tell you what though, somebody had a hard morning with all of her friends disappearing, and I'm not talking only about myself!

After the initial meltdown after watching them pull out of the driveway, Diddles went down the stairs and camped out at the door leading to the garage for a good 20 minutes of crying.

Fortunately Yaks was still around to comfort and entertain her. They played trains and we filled up the tub and even went to the store for some distraction.

We had lunch and then began prepping for Yaks to be on his way.

Kinbergarten. :)

His backpack with the lunch box still attached.

I asked him what I should do while he's gone at school. He said, "I don't know. Maybe you could just watch out the window for us to come home."
We walked down the "plum path" with a ready-for-a-nap Diddles and found Boo having fun at lunch recess "on the bar" - her favorite place to play. She was pretty excited to see us.

We said another hello to our favorite teacher. Yaks was anxious to check in with her and didn't want to stray too far for fear of missing the bell and the line-up. We found Naomi, his friend from church and preschool.

It feels like we were just here last year. Oh wait...we were! Hi Kindergarten...AGAIN! Lots of proud and happy parents. It's an emotional but exciting time.

I asked what was their favorite part of the day.

Boo: "The three recesses!"
Yaks: "I didn't like recess because my teacher WASN'T there!" (We talked about how teachers need a potty break too) He later said, "When it's our turn to be helper, we get to choose what ever pointer we want to do the calender!"

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Sarah said...

I had the same feeling of "weren't we just here?"!

Things are a bit off here too, now that the biggest is gone ALL day. Sometimes I feel like we're following Ben's suggestion of just waiting at the window! :)

Sweet, and sad, that little Liza sat at the bottom and cried.