Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Trip I Didn't Take

A few weeks ago the "older" kids and Josh decided to take a last-minute trip to visit the family before school starts up again. Although I wanted to go, my realistic side won over. The thoughts of the 11+ car trip with Diddles, camping out away from her bed, me having to teach the Young Women in church that Sunday, and me coming down with a bad sinus infection, all made me decide against coming along for the ride. The kids had a great time, and missed Diddles like crazy. Josh came home happy but thoroughly exhausted from being a single traveling dad all week! This was definitely a "trip", not a "vacation". :)

I love you Diddles, but I hate traveling in the car with you!

Don't feel too bad for me! I was able to organize and clean out every closet, cupboard and pantry in our house. I could freely throw away the broken toys and "treasured" scraps of paper and the ruined favorite shirt that had met it's end, but kept getting "saved" from the trash can. You know, all those things that are just EASIER to accomplish with one child instead of three. Sadly, I didn't take impressive before/after pictures of all of my work to brag about. You're welcome!

As a result, this post is second-hand. I'm sorry if it's a little boring. It was sure fun to hear about!
We were able to talk several times a day via Skype, so it felt like I was there!

They left in the morning and made it to my parents' house around dinner time. They stayed the next day and went to the county fair and school clothes shopping! The following morning they woke up early to go watch Uncle Isaac and Aunt Cara compete in a 1/2 Ironman at Bear Lake.

Josh didn't tell any of them that they were coming. They were quite surprised when Boo, Yaks and Josh just walked up and said, "Hi, Nana!"

This was the comedy relief of the race. This Fabio-look-alike was getting out of the water at the same time as Isaac.

Zooming bikes!

Powdered Sugar donuts by the lake! I love that blue water.

I thought it was sweet that Boo cheered Cara to the finish line. Cara was so great to do the same for Boo when she did her little kids' Tri.

Cara and her little training partner, Gracie in a darling sun hat! The kids had a great time playing with Grace and "helping". I hope they were actually helpful, Cara. I don't know...


That evening, the kids were able to hit our family reunion at my Aunt Janet's in Erda. Uncle Tim was the Pied Piper, as he always is, and James was out visiting from Virginia! Boo said how fun it was to see cousins Owen and Tate again. Little did we know, Cath would deliver her baby girl a week later!

The kids got to be "cool-guys" and take a Jeep ride.

They watched the Tour of Utah bike race.

Boo made a sign that said, "Go Bikers" I love her dimple!

You see some crazy characters at bike races.

Papa had a birthday. I miss those birthday gatherings outside around "the table".

A Glaus' Bakery chocolate mint cake! It's not a birthday without one.
I'm sure Boo had dibs on that purple frosting flower.
They all went with Angie and her kids to the water park. I don't think they'd ever been to a water park! You can see the sheer delight on their faces!

My brother, sister-in-law and nephew "I", flew in for a visit and they were all able to go to the Childrens Museum.

Little "I" making paper airplanes.
Yaks "building a structure".

It looks like everyone had a great time! Thanks to everyone who made a special effort to see them while they were visiting, and of course those who let them crash at their house!

What a great memory to end the summer! This way they can answer the question,
"What did you do this summer?" with something fun!

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Sarah said...

That was alot of family packed into such a spur-of-the-moment trip. Glad they got to be there for the race, and reunion, and bday party...ALL of that. (and, glad that you were able to get so much done in your quiet home ;) )