Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Diddles!

Dear Diddles,

Happy 2nd Birthday! As I was sifting through the photos of you this past year, I'm amazed at the spurt in growth you have had. You seem to have turned from a baby to a little girl in a matter of months! Slow down, you're going too fast!

Diddles only 10 months ago - not even walking yet!

Diddles last month

When I got sick and returned home after being away from you for two whole weeks, you weren't sure about me. You went to Nana for your needs, and would eye me and make a big circle to avoid me. I remember the sweet day that you came to me to rock you. I sniffed your hair and rubbed that soft chunk on the back of your knees as we hummed. It was one of the best days ever to sit and rock you back and forth. The other night you were crying about something in your crib, and when Daddy went in to help you you said, "Mah-Mah." Oh, no one knows how sweet that sound is, unless they've faced the frightening possibility of never hearing their baby say it in this life! I'm so thankful to be your mommy.

You are our sweet little treasure with chocolate brown eyes, dark wavy hair that is impossible to tame (the little birds' nest that forms in the back while you sleep defies gravity), and a sweetheart face that turns us all to mush!

Although we joke, "Whatever Loree (nickname) wants, Loree gets," it's completely true. You are one spoiled caboose!

There are very few people with whom I would share my bubble gum ice cream.

When I lecture Yaks and Boo to not give in and let you have your way all the time, they say to me soothingly, "It's okay, Mom. She's just a baby!" When they went on a week-long trip to Utah, they missed you like CRAZY, and couldn't wait to come home to see you. They've been talking about and planning your birthday party for months!

You have approximately 75 nicknames: Chowkey, Chem-way, Loree, Corey, Cocoa, Lie-Lie, Morey, Lowkey-Lie, Chorley, etc., etc. It's ridiculous, really.

You are our latest talker yet! Although you do speak, they are only one-syllable words right now. It's coming along, but progress is really slooooow. We are looking forward to some phrases and sentences this year. We've ruled out any disabilities, unless being a bit stubborn is considered a disability.;)

I've been working and working with you to give me a "please". I'd even settle for a "PEA!" It really would make my year to hear it. You seem to know how badly I want this because you just laugh at me when I repeat it to you over and over.

Your late talking has been frustrating for all parties. Frustrating for you, because you can't express your feelings, and what you really need/want. Frustrating for us because we often have to play 20-questions to figure out what you want. The result from you is a lot of tears, tantrums, banging your head on objects for attention, and even some hitting (sigh).

You have turned into a determined little spit-fire and no longer sit patiently content on the sidelines. You want to be right in the middle of the action from meal-time to play-time, and this has caused many-a-cry for help from the siblings, "Mom, we're having a problem with this baby!"

Your favorite foods are scrambled eggs, corn and peas, ice cream and any kind of pasta. You love animals of all kinds, but especially dogs, cats, pigs and sheep.

You love music with a beat. You clap your hands and dance around when it plays. You and Boo will daily dance to the Kingdom Dance from Tangled. It's so fun for us to see you toodle around with your toddle-tot body spinning around and running in place to the beat. You like trains and blocks and babies and coloring. You love taking baths and playing in water. You enjoy going on car rides (as long as it's less than an hour) and you love when people come home, especially Daddy. The sound of the garage door causes you to leap out of your seat or drop any activity and run for the stairs! Your favorite blankie has become a tan and brown paisley fleece blanket that we've had for years. It looks nothing like a girls' blanket, but you love it because it's got nice long tags that you tickle your nose with while you are falling asleep. You even let us enjoy a tag or two before we close the door.

We are all so happy to have you in our family! You are such a little blessing, and you add so much joy to our same-old, every day. I can't imagine how dull life would be minus our Diddles. We love you, sweet bubs. Happy Birthday!


Nicole said...

she is just beautiful Amy. And wow, that year does make a big difference! I had a late talker too. It was frustrating, like you said, for everyone. I love all her nick names. And I still can't believe she is two!!

Sarah said...

What a beautiful girl! I LOVE that last shot.
My bet is that she'll have alot to say, and will make up for any lost time, once she gets going!

kthom said...

Man she's a cutie. I love her dark hair and milk dud eyes!! She sounds so much like late talker and the boys just have to give up whatever she wants to avoid the madness. At least she's got a perfect pig noise down.... Cross that one off the list!