Monday, August 29, 2011

Down on the Farm Party

Whew! August is a busy time of year! Anniversary, end-of-summer, school starting, TWO birthdays, etc. I'm glad so far we've been able to keep thing relatively simple by way of birthday parties and gifts.

In keeping with Diddles' latest interest in animals, we decided a farm theme would be appropriate. The kids helped me make this little garland of farm animals and balloons, and that plus the cake made our decorations complete!

The cake was...well, it was a kids' barnyard cake, what can I say?

Haha. I know. The graham cracker barn left a lot to be desired, but actually quite accurately resembled many of the tumbling-down barns that we see around here in the middle of the wheat fields. We used our plastic farm animals, crushed oreos for the dirt and pretzels for the fence.

Boo felt it needed a farmer, and of all the figures we have in the house that would have looked great, she chose a knight wielding an invisible ax. No wonder all the farm animals look terrified! I would too if that were my caretaker!

She loved it, though. Nothing like a good squeal when a birthday cake is presented to make you feel good about your creation!

The most exciting event happened when we lit the two candles. Diddles became terrified of the flames and started panicking and pointing to the candles.

I'm sure she thought it was going to burn the barn and all the animals! We sang "Happy Birthday" as fast as humanly possible and then quickly extinguished them. Safety conscious at such a young age.
Her presents were chosen and wrapped in Christmas paper by the kids. If anyone knows where one can buy a HUGE roll of birthday wrapping paper (like those great double-sided double rolls they sell at Costco), let me know! We need a little variety and holiday-appropriateness.

Yaks got her a Handy Manny motorcycle, which oddly has been played with more by him than her.
So strange how that happened...

She got several picture books and a big set of farm animals with a tractor and barn.Good times hearing all of the animal sounds echoing through the house:)
Birthday photo shoots with two-year-olds are a little tricky.

It was a little breezy, and by the time the light is right, it's time for dinner and bed time. I finally got a few keepers by having her point to parts of her body:

Nose (my favorite)
Tongue ("blubba-lubba-lubba")

Happy Birthday, Diddles!


Sarah said...

I love the very last solo shot. Oh, and the one where she is terrified of the candles burning down the barn!! Looks like she had a good birthday with perfectly selected gifts!

Catherine said...

Her bangs look so cute! What a fun party. Happy birthday little girl!

Taylor's said...

So fun! I love how she knows that fire is bad.

Dianna said...

Another Amy creation and it is perfect! I always love your cakes, especially with the help of the kids. Happy Birthday cute Diddles!

Holly said...

Oh--she's so cute! I love her big brown eyes and cute curly hair in the back. The cake looked really cute too. How funny that she was afraid of the candles. Maybe next year will be better. I have enjoyed catching glimpses of her in sacrament meeting since you moved here...I think she's one of the cutest kids in our ward. haha, Even her scared and crying picture is cute. =)

On The Go Family said...

Awww ... so sweet! I always love your birthday posts, Amy. You set the bar high!

Liz said...

Happy birthday to both of your girls! What a busy month you've had. It appears you all survived it with big smiles!