Thursday, June 9, 2011

Swim, Bike, Run

I mentioned earlier that Boo did a Triathlon a couple weekends ago in St. George. Boo's always been quite the athlete. She's got great hand-eye coordination, and seems to really enjoy exercise and healthy competition! I know, she certainly didn't get it from me. After Josh registered for his first Olympic Tri, he noticed that they had a little kids' Tri as well (50 m swim, 2 mile bike, 1 mile run), and asked Boo what she thought about doing one.

Boo and Yaks enrolled in private swim lessons, which they have been having every Thursday morning since December. Boo got a new bike for her birthday, which she rides around the track at school, and who can forget her "N" shoes, which allow her to pedal and run fast! I'm glad we got those instead of the cheap Disney Princess pair that were on sale at the beginning of the year!

I wish I had more details to share about this experience, but since I wasn't there, I'll just have to do the best I can. A special thanks to Cara, who french-braided Boo's hair for the race!

Boo - before the race

The swim was 50 meters and in a lake.

What it's all about - I love this photo!

Boo's been a little skittish of lakes ever since we were out boating and a floating, dead fish bumped up against her cousin who was taking a dip in the lake. Now whenever we go to a body of water, she asks, "Are there fish in it?"

I wonder what she's thinking right here.
She looks so little next to all the other kids!

The younger kids are required to wear a life jacket and swim with an adult. Fortunately, Josh was with her for this part of the race, and got her there safe and fish-free!

Following the swim, the parent has to quickly take off the life jacket, swim cap, and peel off the wet suit, put on helmet, socks, shoes and hop on their bike. She rode for two miles. She said the bike and the run were her least favorite because she was cold! Poor girl. I'm sure she was freezing! At this point Josh had to take off to start his own race.

Fortunately we had grandparents and aunts who stepped up to cheer and support her. Thanks, guys!

Finally comes the run. She ran for a mile, and Cara and Megan were kind to run with her and help her through to the finish! Hooray! A medal and a plaque, a waterbottle and a t-shirt went to each finisher. The t-shirt was a maroon color, which is in the "not cute" category of colors, so it currently sits neglected in the bottom of the pajama drawer.

Josh called me later that night:

J: "Well, Boo finished her race!"
A: "That's awesome! I can't believe it!"
J: "She got third place..."
A: "Ohmygosh, noway!?"
J: "Out of three in her age division."
A: "Oh. Haha!"

Boo had to keep a journal of her trip for school, and here is what she wrote about her Triathlon in her own words (and spelling):

I did a Triathlon in St. George.
I wor my swim soot my wet soot and my lith jakit.

I swam in a lake with my Dad 100 meters.
I got my skirt and my helmet and I wint bikeing for 2 miles.

Then I wint runing for 1 mile.

My ants Cara and Megan ran with me.

I got thrd plass I got a medll and a wotr botl.

And I had fun.

When asked if she would do another Triathlon in July, she said, "Well...I just finished a Triathlon, so I probably need to rest. I'll think about it."


Ranae said...

Incredible! That is quite an accomplishment and you must be one proud mama;)

Chad said...

DANG! That is freakin awesome.

Marie' said...

Way to go, Jane! I like your writing, too. It makes me feel as if I was there cheering on.

Holly said...

Oh, that's so cute. How neat that she could be a part of that and prove to herself how strong she can be!

On The Go Family said...

I am so, so impressed! Sounds like such a great experience. I can only imagine how proud of her you were. I don't think mine would have ever braved the lake swim!

Kristy said...

I like her response the the question at the end. She is amazing! Way to go Cutie!

Dianna said...

Sorry, I was signed in as Kristy just then, but it was me.