Thursday, June 16, 2011

Firsts and Lasts

Well, our FIRST-born just had her LAST day of Kindergarten last week! Boo really enjoyed this year of school. I worried and fretted about her leaving us and going, but little did I know, she'd have a teacher like this:

Warm, loving, organized and structured. Mrs. Stone made Kindergarten all of the things that it should be: A positive introduction to school, a leg-up on writing and reading, a safe place to learn routines, rules, how to following directions, cooperate and share. Most especially, a place to celebrate and have FUN!

The last day of school was a big party all day. They had a field day outside for a half-hour, and we stopped by to play, take pictures and say good-bye. We know all of the kids in her class by name, and they are all so nice! Most of them are in our ward, but the other half she talks about all the time.

Last line-up

Boo's favorite part of school was recess, and her favorite thing to do is tricks on the bar. It's a hot commodity, the bar. A whole group of little girls want to do it, and they wait in line all recess for a turn. Boo's first little social hiccup came when she arrived home one day upset that she didn't get a turn on the bar that day. I guess each girl decides how long their "turn" is, which can be anywhere from one to 10 minutes! I had to resist from becoming helicopter mom when she said, "And then they ask, 'can I cut you in line?', and they get to go ahead of me!" So, we had a good talk about standing up for yourself and establishing boundaries. Ahhh, and so it begins. Fortunately, on the last day there were plenty of kids doing other things, so she had all the turns she wanted to show us her "tricks". Next year Boo and Yaks will be in school together!

That leaves just me and Diddles at home for the afternoon!

She'll be so excited when they come home, though!

Now we're on to some summer fun. The first few days were great, but the kids are needing some more structure to their day or they begin to argue or make a huge mess. So, I've organized our week into, a park day, a craft day, a cooking day, a game/ice cream night, and a math day. There is nothing set in stone. I don't even share the calender with the kids, lest Boo hold me to what I'm supposed to do that day. Yesterday was a cooking day, and the kids helped me make this cinnamon roll recipe, which yielded 24 of the most delicious cinnamon rolls I've ever made!


Bring on summer!


steph said...

What a bitter sweet day! Somehow I get so darn teary when we have to leave such fabulous teachers like Mrs. Stone. Congratulations to Boo... and hooray for boundaries! Who are those girls to make all the rules? :)

steph said...

p.s. I need to get a structure like yours. Our school gets out next week.

Cath said...

How are you liking that cooking website? Have you tried any of the other recipes? Our absolute favorite are the honey lime enchiladas but I made them once during the sick phase of this pregnancy and I haven't been able to stomach them since.

Kristy said...

It sounds like a fun summer ahead! I wish I could be in on some of it. Library day was always part of our favorite summer routine.

Dianna said...

Oopps! Did again. Sorry about that. Kristy's picture is a lot prettier anyway.

Holly said...

I met Mrs. Stone at a Jewelry party at Heather Carter's. She was very nice! And those cinnamon rolls look amazing! I will have to make some too! Thanks for posting the recipe!