Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Balcony Garden

Last year we didn't quite get our act together to plant any type of garden outside. We enjoyed our farmer's market, but man, that "fresh, organic" produce can be pricey! After a year of familiarizing ourselves with our yard and the other inhabitants that dwell therein (rabbits, moles, yellowjackets), we thought it best to send our garden aloft this year! We didn't think the owners of our house would take to kindly to us digging up patches of grass, so we opted for a container garden.

We have this lovely little sun patio on the second floor of our house, which most people would probably use to host a lovely Sunday brunch, or take their coffee outside and read their newspaper while sitting on an Adirondack chair, but ours sits lonely and unused. It has a lovely view though, and gets plenty of sunshine!

Diddles gets to play out there when she needs some fresh air, but mommy can't be outside to watch her.
Diddles 2010 - Dreaming of her freedom.

Diddles 2011 - Dreaming of a bath

Fortunately, we had many containers leftover from growing various herbs and plants on the deck of our old house, so after a quick trip to get some soil and some seeds, Josh set to work!

He's so sweet to spearhead this effort - I just didn't have the energy, although I AM looking forward to the green beans!

Dear Green Beans,

Please grow.

Love, Your adoring fan,

Yaks was eager to get his hands dirty - literally. He's proud of his pepper plant, and checks on it several times a day. "I don't really even like peppers!"

Boo has big plans for some flower pots, which she will likely drown the first week.

What is a planting party without refreshments? Yaks took a break to scoop himself some ice cream and then observed:

"It's a good thing we are up so high, cause rabbits can't climb houses!"


Sarah said...

Looks like you're set...since 'rabbits can't climb houses'! Goo thinking! :)
Hope the beans and EVERYTHING grows. Things here have been very off and slow this year.

(I don't even recognize Eliza. She's seeming old quick!)

Sarah said...

(gooD thinkin')

Dianna said...

You DO have a great view! Oh how I miss that blue sky and the green, green, green! It looks like a perfect garden for you guys! Too many exclamation points?! I think it is just a symptom of my excitement to come back to Utah for the summer in two days. I wish you were going to be there.