Sunday, June 19, 2011


The other day I was listening to a news story ,which reported a study showing that Dads who roughhouse with their kids teach them "life lessons" and empower them to take chances.
I admit, I'm usually the one cringing at this type of play - my heart plummeting to the bottom of my stomach when I see Josh tossing our kids around or letting them all climb on his back while he tries to throw them off. They absolutely love it, though. Playing with Dad is one of their favorite things to do.

Just yesterday Josh took the kids fishing at a local (stocked) fishing pond. The kids came home proudly sharing their fish tales (and tails - they caught about three each!), beaming proudly at what they accomplished. Josh gets all of us up and moving - and usually out of the house. His love of the outdoors and exercise gives the kids a chance to be with him, and to be active and entertained at the same time.

We've had such a fun year with our dad!

He'll dress up like a bandy-legged cowboy to complete our family Halloween costume theme, then ham it up for the pictures, because it was important to me.
He'll spend hours Christmas morning clicking blocks together to construct the perfect solider's tower.

He'll brave the elements digging a snow cave, just in case one day the kids get stranded in the wilderness alone with nothing but a shovel. Hey, you never know. Ever read Hatchet? He's reading it to the kids! Haha.
Even if he'd rather take a nap, he'll turn to the page with the horsie over and over, so Diddles can make the "heeeee" sound. This has recently been replaced by the iPad, which even with Diddles' limited vocabulary, she requests, "I pa. I pa" so they can read "Pat the Bunny" together. And when mommy got really sick and was in the hospital for weeks, they developed a really special bond that has yet to be broken. Diddles gives new meaning to the song, "I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home!"
He'll train along with Boo, and they will both compete in their first triathlon! Then after he crosses the finish line and begins to cry with relief, exhaustion and emotion, the kids will cry with him, pat his back and say, "It's okay Dad, we can help you!" Oh, they love him so much!

He senses when one of his kids needs some extra Dad time, and will take them to work with him, just like his dad used to. Yaks still talks about their day together. Josh asked him if he was excited to go to Kindergarten. Yaks said , "I'm worried I won't be good at it." I'm so glad he was able to express these fears to Josh! He'd never done so with me. I hope they can always feel comfortable sharing those feelings with him.

He teaches us things and helps us learn things. Just the other day he taught me how to check the air pressure on my tires and fill them with air! Can you believe I never really learned how to do that? We had fun planting our first balcony garden. We're still hoping something will grow!

We're so thankful for our own fathers whom we love so much,

and who love us so dearly and deeply.

We're sure lucky kids!

We love you, Dad!


Cara and Steve said...

Great post Amy! Reading your blog is one of the highlights of my day! It always makes me smile :) Love all of the pics, and that video of Josh with Diddles is HILARIOUS! I have never heard her make that silly sound!

Amy said...

Thanks, Cara. Sadly, she doesn't make that sound anymore. It was so cute while it lasted! I'm glad we caught it on camera.

Holly said...

That was such a sweet post. Your family is so cute, and I love how your husband is a good dad and does fun things with the kids. You found a good one!

Sarah said...

Ah. Those fun/sweet moments with him are the important ones!