Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Occasionally I stumble across a little scene as I go about my house work. It is usually quietly sitting, but I know immediately which of our three children created it, and that makes me smile. I just imagine their little brains processing what to put where, and how they made the decision to do it in the first place. They are messes only a mother could love!

This sighting was in Boo's room. She's getting to the age where she values her own things, and wants to have them just-so. She'll spend hours reorganizing her clothes drawers. I never know where to put her clean laundry, she changes them so often! She has the added struggle of trying to keep her treasures away from her younger siblings, so when I saw this little scene up on top of her book shelf, I had to smile. This is not a mess, mind you: A proud painting on a clipboard, two piggy banks, a wooden letter with a toy tent top on top (for decoration), a broken clock and a picture with a hand-picked frame.

This next one caught my eye, but I had to examine it closer to realize what on earth it was! See that blue thing hanging from the rung of the chair?

Oh, of course! It's a tiny plastic hat box, a tiny treasure chest and a plastic sword delicately balanced on the top, all tightly tied together with a piece of yarn. Each of the little cases had tiny little things inside of it. Yaks loves cases, boxes and "satchels" that he can put the perfect thing perfectly inside of it. No doubt this is one of his soldier's traveling gear. One should tie them up high to avoid bears getting into it. Makes perfect sense now.

Diddles finds are a bit more messy and destructive, but still cute. I found her dolly like this on the floor, next to the open jar of peanut butter. She no doubt wanted to feed her baby some creamy peanut butter and got the goobery mess all over. Can you just see her trying to put it in her mouth but missing?

This one made me a bit sad because it was a book, but it was a pop-up book. Pop-up books know that when they enter our home, their days are numbered if we have one under the age of two. Those darn "pop-up" tags are just too irresistible!
I had to laugh seeing this little pile of ripped-out, terrified-looking bugs who came from a book fittingly titled "In and Out". You guys are out now...permanently.


Dianna said...

Funny stuff! The book is so sad!

On The Go Family said...

So funny to see this blog, I was thinking about doing a similar one about our house. Claire calls her scenes "settings." Noah calls them "set ups." Their version of cleaning their rooms definitely includes a couple good settings/set ups scattered throughout the bedroom.

Sally said...

I love this post!

Sarah said...

I have to remind myself of how much thought and time the kids (girls at this stage) have put into the things they've done BEFORE I rush through and clean up everything that seems OUT OF PLACE to me. Cute that you took the time to photograph and remember your findings.

Chad said...

Just commenting to let you know I still spy on you through your blog posts!!!