Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Hole"y Smile

I've been looking at this cute toothy Boo grin for six years now!

Fortunately most of the appearances have been due to smiles, but we've had our fair share of open-mouthed crying, too.
After a rough-house session earlier this week, which resulted in a good bump to an already wiggly front tooth. Boo's efforts have been focused on wiggling and jiggling her loose tooth! Josh wanted to rip that thing out every chance he got, but Boo wanted to do it herself. Every day, multiple times a day, I was asked to serve as a fortune teller. Asked to predict the exact day that it would fall out, and if THIS would be the day. She was really excited for it to fall out before she went back to school on Monday.

Earlier this morning she showed me how her tooth could twist 90-degrees, and I knew we were getting close! A few hours later, and she proudly showed me her new smile. We were surprised to see her permanent tooth already coming in! She was pretty excited to go to church to show her pals.
Now we'll hope the gap between your front teeth isn't like your mother's. I could fit an entire sucker stick easily between my two front teeth!


Cara and Steve said...

Hooray for Boo! I remember letting my loose teeth hold on to the very, very end too. I could sometimes twist them a whole 180 degrees! Glad to hear it finally came out! P.S.- I was catching up with your other posts... that's a CRAZY amount of snow you guys got! I haven't seen snow like that for a long time! Part of me misses it and part of me doesn't. Today I don't miss it... I think we may go out to the pool! Love the yard birds too!

steph said...

She looks great. What a beautiful smile.

Marie' said...

Loosing a first tooth is a big deal! Now I want to know what her tooth fairy brought. Our tooth fairy is going to have to re-commit when Kai looses his first. Jerome and Asha have given up long ago and started putting their tooth on our bathroom counter.

Dianna said...

What a great milestone for her! The last tooth that Abbey lost in November didn't make it under the pillow. She told me she doesn't believe anymore and now has the tooth in a glass jar on her dresser. Enjoy the Tooth Fairy years!

Plowgian Page said...

Trade you the extra big space for none at all. Hello orthodontics at our house. Darling pictures.

Bobby Schaeffer said...

Aww, she's so cute with the gap on her teeth, hehe. Don't worry, in just a few months, the permanents will be in full size. It's amazing how fast a tooth can grow.