Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Yaks!

Dear Yaks,

Happy Birthday, my sweetest boy! Today you turn five years old. You were born in the morning, and came so quickly it was almost a shock! Your early-rising must be part of who you are, because we can always count on hearing your heavy foot-fall down the hallway before 7am every day (today it was 5:30am). I love your full lips, and Hershey brown eyes that sparkle when you’re telling me something exciting.

I can always count on you to say something funny without even meaning to. Months ago you were showing me where we keep the board games. "Mom, this is where we keep board games, in case when we get bored." We popped a bowl full of popcorn and ate the whole bowl together until there was nothing but seeds left in the bottom. You looked at the seeds then thoughtfully said, "I know what we could do with these seeds, Mom! We could plant a popcorn tree. Would that be perfect?"

You have such a sweet spirit, too. The other day you and Boo were reading a book together. Boo couldn’t find the author on the cover, so she said, “It just doesn’t have one.” Then you said, “Maybe Jesus just created dis book.” A while ago we got a late start to a movie, and by the time it was over, it was so late. I thought it best that we just go straight to bed. You said, "Mom! We forgot to read the Bible!" (we've started reading verse-by-verse in the Book of Mormon). I said, "Oh Yaks, it's okay. We'll just skip it tonight and read two verses tomorrow." Then you said, "Is that okay?" I replied, "Is what okay, buddy?" You said, "Is it okay wiff Jesus dat we skip duh Bible tonight? Does Jesus let us?" Needless to say, I hopped right up and we had scripture study.

You are learning your letters and how to count. You can memorize entire books, and it’s amazing to listen to you “read” them, remembering every word! When I asked you how you did that, you said, “I just listen, and look at the pictures, and den I just know!” We were signing names to Valentine cards last month. It was hard work to write your name 20 times. Each Valentine you would let out a sigh, then put your pen to the paper and say aloud while slowly forming each letter, “Y….A….K...S”. It was the cutest thing. Over and over, Y-A-K-S, Y-A-K-S. I'm proud of you for working so hard this summer, and diligently saving and counting all of your dollars, pennies, nickles and dimes so you could buy your Buzz Lightyear. You were such a good example to all of working towards a goal.

You and your sister are good pals most of the time. I’m grateful for this, because you most likely won’t ever have a brother, and you don’t seem to have any close little friends yet. I asked you if you wanted to invite some friends to your party, and you said, “I’m still finking about it," then you came back with, “You, Dad, Diddles and Boo, and dats all.” This past week Boo was home from school, and I’ve never seen you happier than to have uninterrupted play all day long.

You are so kind and good to your sisters. Always sharing what you have, or giving up something that they want. You got a birthday card and gift card from Nana and Papa in the mail, and as you were choosing your gift online, you picked out something for yourself and then said, “Okay, now I need to get somefing for Boo.” Not out of obligation, but just out of pure thoughtfulness.

You are a creative thinker. You often drive the play here at home, and your ideas usually win because they are awesome. You like tying knots, setting up intricate scenes with your “guys", creating couch cushion forts and towers.

Your face is priceless when you are working on a project. The other day you asked me to draw you a sword. I drew one, and a while later I saw this stuck to the fridge – a soldier with a shield and sword and helmet.

I love the spindle-legs!

Lest you think that you are all sugar and sweet, you do have a stubborn side that bears witness when you get caught doing something naughty, feel really embarrassed, or when your heart was set on something you can’t have. The fists clench, the forehead vein pops up, and we get threatened with, “I’ll mess up my room!” if you don’t get your way. Consequently, your room is the cleanest one in the house!

You are brave to try new foods, but aren’t afraid to be honest with what you think. “Pluh” is never a good sound to hear! Your favorite dinner (and your birthday dinner request) was Ramen Noodles and Salmon. Your favorite treat is bubble gum and chewy Runts. Your “uniform” is a cotton shirt and cotton shorts, even in the middle of winter. You’ll agree to wear long pants out on errands or to church, but I’ve gotten used to picking up the shedded long pants at the top of the stairs!

We love you so much. You feel loved when we spend time with you and help you with things, so we're planning on a lot of that today! We are so thankful you are a part of our family. Happy Birthday, Yaks!


Sarah said...

Ah, what a great and thoughtful write up. Beautiful Picts full of expression. I hope he has a great day.

On The Go Family said...

I can't believe he's 5 already! I can still remember quite clearly you instant messaging me the news in Switzerland when you first realized you were pregnant. Remember those good ol' days???

Happy Birthday, Yaks!

Marie' said...

Love the boy!

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday BEN!! That is such a sweet entry that he will love to read 20 years from now. What a great description of that cute kid. We're so glad we had those few days we got to spend with your family. Tell everyone HI from us in Idaho!