Friday, March 4, 2011

Angry Birds

I'll admit I am NOT a fan of video games in any shape or form. I see it as something else I get to police, and I dislike that glazed-over look that my kids get when they play. But, the kids were introduced to Angry Birds*, and quickly got hooked (sigh). So, we grant them some 20 minute playtime sessions as incentives for various things. It's worked pretty well. *Angry Birds is a puzzle video game in which players use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed on or within various structures. Sort of like a virtual Crossbows and Catapults!

This week Boo has been home all day from school. We've really loved having her home! Yaks is so happy, which makes ME so happy. They play all day long, and everyone is entertained. Granted, the house is a DISASTER, but it's so worth all the mess to have busy, content kids who are spending time with each other.

I saw a blog post the other day for a tutorial on making yarn pom Angry Birds! AWESOME!! We just needed some yarn to do the simple project. We had Diddles with us on our trip to the store, and she tossed our green yarn out of the cart sometime along our shopping trip. So, we settled for red birds and white eggs! I figured I would be busy all afternoon making the birds and the eggs, but the kids wanted in on the fun.

"Yaks, if you need help tying a knot, you can just ask me."

Boo got the hang of the technique after several attempts, but Yaks picked it right up after one example. They would say, "We're good sewers!"

"Um, I already know how to tie knots."

Creating and decorating our creatures took up an entire afternoon. It was some good indoor fun!

Setting up


Angry Birds made for a Happy afternoon!


Sarah said...

I remember briefly seeing the same tutorial and I have heard of Angry Birds, but since we haven't played it I passed over the details. Glad you made them (they do look cute), and turned an afternoon of video games into a day of creating and catapulting at real objects! They'll remember that one!

Nicole said...

oh my gosh! This post came not a moment too soon! we are hooked on Angry Birds here too! And with Spring Break this week that will be an awesome activity! Thanks Amy!

Dianna said...

It looks like great fun! You are a clever mom.

Carrie said...

THank you so much for posting this! My Olivia LOVES "Mad Birds" as she calls it. I think I see an activity in our near future. :)