Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Sixth Birthday, Boo!

Dear Boo,

Happy sixth birthday! Today is an absolutely beautiful day, and I'm so happy we get enjoy a nice four-day weekend as well! You've grown so tall this year (currently 4'1"). I fear you're going to get all your height early like me, and tower over your classmates until middle school.

Speaking of classmates, you've been loving school! Miraculously, you got placed in the same session and class as your friends from preschool, which we were all grateful for. It's helped a lot to have that little "support group".

Every day you come home with stories of fun things you are learning, and how nice your teacher is, and what you did at recess. You've even been able to venture out of your comfort zone and make some additional friends on your own, which is so wonderful! You've struggled with an initial shyness around adults and strangers, that comes across to others as your being grumpy and rude (accompanied by a crusty glare), so this is a huge step for you! Way to go, Boo!

Along with your height, you seem to have developed a talent for athletics this year.

As one who never really excelled at any sport, it's been an interesting experience to see how well you do. You love to run, jump, ride your bike, throw balls, etc. Hallelujah, you can throw a Frisbee! Now someone can play with your Dad! You're anxious to try any new "skill", and you'll practice it with enthusiasm. You are also very competitive and love to WIN, which brings its own unique set of challenges. The other night you, Yaks, and Dad were playing "Pass the Pigs", and Yaks was winning. I tried to encourage you along by saying, "You're in third place!" You looked at me like I was crazy. We're happy you mastered your two-wheel bike this year (thanks to Dad for teaching you). It's been fun to see you learn to balance and start yourself off without any help.

You and Yaks had a nice summer together. I was anxious to have you go to school and leave him behind. I wondered if Yaks would be bored to death without you, or that your relationship would change. So far it seems the little break is just enough to allow your unique personalities to blossom, but also sweetens the reunion at the end of the day. It certainly has its moments, but you two are great buds.

When I asked you, "What's your very favorite thing to do?" you said, "Play with Diddles."

You sometimes "love" her a little too much in my opinion. You cannot keep your hands off of her. You must pat, hug, kiss, and haul her around, every chance you get. I'm shocked she's always happy to see you, but she is!

Save me, mommy!

You love to have fun, and joke and tease your siblings - which sometimes gets taken too far. I'm reminded of the first book you read cover-to-cover this year, "The Cat in the Hat". "It's fun to have fun, but you have to know how."
You've definitely been flexing your independence muscles this year. We're working to teach you to make good choices on your own, and think before you do things, etc. Several times I've thought, "Oh, why can't Boo just listen to me and do exactly as I say?," but then I'm reminded of our greatest gift - our gift of agency and the freedom to CHOOSE. I 'm so thankful we can all work to "listen" and make better choices. I'm thankful for the great examples of friends and family who surround you. Your primary teacher taught a lesson on telling the truth. I asked you later that day, "Boo, did you make your bed?" You said, "Yes!" (then slightly shook your head) and then, "No. I told the truth!"

A few other favorites to note: You love skirts. Skirts, skirts, skirts! Granted, you wear them with tennis shoes, but you love to have a breezy skirt on.
You love to create things and "do projects". Your favorites are play-doh or coloring with markers.

I'm not sure how it happened, but you LOVE chocolate! Chocolate ice cream, hot chocolate, chocolate sauce, chocolate cake, chocolate frosting. Yes, please!

Fortunately, that sweet tooth is balanced by your very "green" diet. You love vegetables, and especially salads. The meat will remain untouched, and most fruit gets passed by (except for apples and applesauce), but pass you a plate of leafy greens!

Six years later, and it still feels like yesterday that I held you as our first little bundle in my arms. I'm excited to see what wonderful adventures and experiences are in store for you. Happy Birthday, Boo! We love you!


Mary Jane said...

Happy birthday, cute Boo! So, technically, I guess she and Anna aren't the same age, but they're in the same grade at school. Anna just turned five last month. You guys sure do make some cute kids!

Dianna said...

Happy Birthday to a cute sweetie!

Sunny said...

Wow, she suddenly looks so grown up! Cute post.

Cara and Steve said...

Happy Birthday Boo!

I've enjoyed doing some catch up on your blog... looks like it has been party time at your place! I just love all the pics... I wish you didn't live so far so we could do more photo shoots :) Miss you,


P.S.- I love the 1st birthday shirt you got for Diddles. I found one for "little miss" and I'm so excited for her to wear it!

On The Go Family said...

I can't believe how tall Boo is! Claire just had her 6-year visit and she is only 46.5 inches. I can't imagine her being almost three inches taller like Boo. How do you find pants that are tall and slender enough for her?

She is gorgeous, by the way. I see so much of you in her. Lucky girl.