Thursday, August 12, 2010

Twins Defined

I have twin sisters, Marie & Emily. They are dear girls and will forever be my "babies". I was almost 11 when they were born and I hauled those two sissies around like they were my own. I love them so much. They are the greatest little sisters.

My 11th birthday party

What could be more magical for a big sister than to have TWO baby sisters that were identical twins? I tell you what, it was pretty awesome! I brought my mom's ultrasound in for show & tell! Forget Cabbage Patch Kids! I had the REAL thing. No wonder I never wanted one!

Emily & Marie - they look about Diddles' age

I never really realized until the girls were older, that being a twin is probably a love/hate relationship. You love having a pal around who understands, but it's difficult to feel like an individual when you feel like others are always comparing you to your twin.

Marie, Cath, Emily, Me - Thanksgiving 2008

As my own kids have gotten older, and we would go visit Grandma & Grandpa (often finding Marie or Emily home), I was curious how and when it would dawn on them that Marie and Emily were identical twins. I've never sat my kids down and explained it, but they seem to always know who is who.

Yesterday we were running some errands, and the following conversation took place out of the blue:

Boo: "Mom? Marie and Emily look the same."
Amy: "They look a lot alike, don't they? They are called TWINS. Twins are when the mommy has two babies in her tummy at the same time. So, Marie and Emily both have the same birthday!"
Boo: "Twins?"
Amy: "Yes, Marie and Emily are twins. They are different people, but they look a lot like eachother." (trying to make the point that they don't look EXACTLY the same.)
Boo: (long pause thinking) "Except that Marie has gold hair and Emily has brown hair."
Amy: (short pause thinking) "Uhh...Right."

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Tim said...

Fun post, Amy. I love having these girlies around too! I still remember them being babies and wanting to be around them every minute as they "slugged" around the house. (Was that the right term?)