Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cousins, Cousins Everywhere!

We had a whirlwind trip to Utah to visit our families. Last night Josh and I were talking about it, and we both agreed that although it is a ton of work to travel and camp out at people's houses, it's worth it for the kids to build relationships with their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

We arrived at Nana & Papa's to catch the last day of the family reunion. The kids seemed to pick up right where they left off and really enjoyed seeing their cousins. Everyone went swimming at the health club pool, and had a blast playing in the water.

The girls all got treated to matching french braids in their hair, thanks to Aunt Cara and Abby.

I know this photo is really dark, but it was so cute seeing all those girls getting ready in the bathroom

Cousin Photo!

Group Photo!
I think we were just missing Steve & Rob. Megan arrived from work seconds after this shot was taken.

Following pictures, we all enjoyed some pizza and a marshmallow roast. A few groups went to the movies, and the kids had a popcorn party/movie night. True to Boo's style, she walked up to me around 9:00pm and said, "I'm tired, Mom. I'm gonna go to bed." I guess all the fun just wore her right out!

The following day we traveled North for a little reunion with my Mom's side of the family at a local park. Since our Grandparents passed away, my mom and her two sisters have made it a point to try to get together whenever possible. It was so fun to see the kids who had grown, and the babies who had been added to the families.

Aunt Janet & my Mom

Just a quick aside about Aunt Janet. She's just the best. I was completely clueless when I first came out to Utah for my first quarter at USU. I was under the impression that since my apartment had a bed, that the bedd-ING was also provided. I know! I told you I was clueless! Fortunately Janet asked me a series of questions, and discovered that I only arrived with the basics. She kindly pulled out sheets and blankets (which I used my entire five years at school), and loaded up a huge box of canned foods and fresh vegetables from the garden to help me through the first few weeks months. I'm sure I would have starved and frozen if it weren't for Janet.

Our newest cousin, Baby Abbie

Isaac - visiting from North Carolina

I love this blanket full of babies! Wait...where's Diddles?

Oh, there she is.

The boys were definitely outnumbered!

Many summers ago, when we were kids, our moms all lined us up for a cousin picture in the park. I can imagine the production to try to get everyone sitting still and happy while this photo was snapped.

Cousin Sarah and I thought it would be *fun* to recreate the picture.

Are we having fun yet, Sarah?

Now it was our turn to be the parents who corralled our kids, coaxed them to smile, and tried to get a decent picture of everyone. I figured the grandparents were having a great time watching while we parents sweat through our clothes and tried to keep track of our children. Now I know in fact that they were!


But, the end result was awesome. I think we got everyone looking at the camera, and most were smiling!

Good times. Hooray for cousins!

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Sarah said...

Yes! We were having fun.
Good perspective knowing the hard work and smiles are worth it for the kids.
Miss you.