Monday, August 16, 2010

The Kids

It's always a treat to lay down at night after the kids have gone to bed, and pick up my phone and browse through the dozens of photos that Yaks and Boo took using my camera phone that day. It's so interesting to see what they deem "photo-worthy". This week it was various photographic scenes of their "kids". It's fun to slide through the photos and try to figure out what they were thinking.

Their kids are their little action figures, which we've acquired from DI, McDonalds, gifts, and/or swiped from Nana's house. Sorry, Nana. We took Buzz.

These aren't just "kids". They have names. Not simple names like "Jim", "Bob", "Suzy". Those are much too plain.

I blame Barbie Princess movies for the start of this insanity. I bought Boo Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus as a stocking stuffer last Christmas. Little did I know, the cast would include magical and romantic character names like Annika, Brietta, Rayla (the cloud Queen), and the dashing Aiden.So, would you like to meet "the kids"? I KNEW you would say yes! *The following photos were all taken by Boo and Yaks. In case you couldn't guess.*

We'll start with the "shouljers". From Left to Right we have: Doolicks (I kid you not), Andy, Yellow-y, Audra and Sludge

I do believe that Sludge was the first "kid". He's been the longest-standing consistent character in their pretend play. You'll notice that Sludge sports a blue sheath, otherwise known as a "sword pocket", a slick black pageboy bob, sporty sandals and protective armor.

"Hey, Sludge."
"Hey, Andy. Have you seen my arms?"

Andy (seen here in the spotted pants and flashy red boots) is literally his right-hand man. Sludge doesn't have any arms, you see. I guess his armor didn't protect him enough! Actually, I think Andy is missing a hand as well. Anyway, they are comrades and help eachother out.

Yaks' world comes to a grinding halt if we lose Sludge. Just this past weekend we tore the house apart looking for him. I think he only stands three inches tall, so this is a constant chore of mine to help look for Sludge. He was found in the dungeon of one of his sets - safe and armless as always.

Here we have Danden, Brietta (see above), Salin, Hurk, and Brenna (sigh)
This is Queenlil and Kayla. Kayla has a twin sister, Kaylee.
Uh oh! Trouble in paradise! Looks like the evil Binden is trying to capture Kayla! But who will rescue her, WHO!? WHO?

Perhaps the faithful pets, Dragony and Walrusy could assist? Poor Walrusy. He looks like he's begging us to rescue HIM!
Shifu!? Have you any wisdom for us in that dragon scroll?

Buzz? Could you be the one to rescue us from this evil plot? Buzz? Buzz!?
One thing is for sure, when you have daughters, you've got to have eyes in the back of your head! Right, Donikan?


Cara and Steve said...

haha, I loved watching their pretend play when I came to visit. I was amazed by the various names they (mainly Boo) came up with for their "kids". Most memorable, of course, was Sludge though :)

Dianna said...

Funny stuff! They are going to get a kick out of this post when they are teenagers - make sure you show all their friends when they come over. :)

Catherine said...

ha ha oh gosh that is so funny. It reminds me of that one classic post from years earlier with all of the disney princess dolls on the table and the commentary that went with them. Hilarious.

steph said...

How cute! Those are some creative kiddos you've got! Isn't it great when they get into a project that occupies their little minds and also a few minutes!

Tim said...

That was hilarious, Ames! I am in tears here! I'm glad I got to be introduced to some of the "kids" at our family vacation in Star Valley.

laurenthequeen said...

This totally made me laugh. I love it, especially Sludge. That's awesome.

Mary Jane said...

I love that. They're such great kids.