Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Peter and Catherine

We were so excited when Peter called us to ask if he and Catherine could stay with us for a few days! Peter had to present his research findings at the U of I for his summer internship in Boise, and were then heading down to UT for our family reunion. What are the chances his work would bring them right to our small town?

Peter and Catherine have been married for two years. While our families were getting know know eachother at their wedding, I was chasing a then two-year-old Yaks around the hall. Other family get togethers have had the same results - brief, interrupted conversations. I've become a real fan of these one-on-one visits from family members. Big reunions are great in their own right, but the real "getting-to-know-yous" and fond memories are made in a smaller setting. It was so fun for all of us to get to know and love Peter and Catherine.

They went with us to church on Sunday and immediately won the kids over with their drawing abilities. Josh said Yaks almost died when Peter did this:

Then Catherine drew this:My ships consist of a basic rectangle with a triangle mast. Catherine's included portholes, flags and a crow's nest. Can you just imagine Yaks' face when she needed his help in coloring the water and putting people on the ship?

The creative fun continued with Play-Doh. Peter made swords, decorated shields, and all manner of soldier armor. Catherine taught the kids how to roll a rope to make snakes, a nest, rainbows, etc. I enjoyed the break to be able to cook dinner! Win-win-win. :)

We took advantage of our new morning church block and went to Kamiak Butte for a little walk and some play time. It was a hot day by our standards, and the shade was a cool escape.

Catherine is quite an athlete and both she and Peter played football, soccer and volleyball with Yaks and Boo.

We hiked the loop and they helped the kids add to a "fort" they are building up at the top.

I use the word fort very loosely here. But, thanks to lots of enthusiasm and imagination, those kids were convinced they successfully built a fully-functioning kitchen.

I spent the rest of their trip getting ready for our own family trip. Getting five people ready for an 11-hour drive and six-day vacation is no small undertaking. I had lists of things to pack, clean, sort and prepare. Peter and Catherine were truly heaven-sent and played with the kids for hours while I worked on getting things done. The only little outing we managed was a trip to the Creamery for ice cream cones. They were delicious!

In the evenings, we would eat food and chat and one night they taught us a new card game called Dominion. It was fun, and not just because I won! I found my brain cells have been depleted - it took me a lot longer to catch on than it used to. Thanks for your patience, guys!

I was tasked with mowing the lawn before we left. I didn't want to say, "I've got to go mow the lawn" and make Peter feel obligated to do it for me. So, I took the kids outside and revved up the mower and started. Minutes later, I noticed Peter out of the corner of my eye starting up the edger and working along with me. It was awesome, and a proud moment as a "big" sister. Peter's a champ. Catherine's just as awesome and was always picking up toys, wiping down counters and sweeping the ever crumb-covered floor.

When we got home we found this cute note to the kids, each figure labeled with their name.

Thank YOU Peter and Catherine! We love you guys.


Taylor's said...

How awesome!

Liz said...

That sounds like so much fun! I agree that one-on-one visits are a must. That's what we get to enjoy here and it really makes a difference!