Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bike Helmets and Chalk Drawings

Fridays are always a call for fun and celebration! "Woo hoo - we made it through another week!" We met Josh downtown for a Bike Bonanza at the Gallivan Center. It wasn't quite what we had expected, but we did get two free bike helmets and water bottles for the kids, as well as free pizza and creamies! So complaining!

We headed back home and Josh remembered that it was the last day of the Sidewalk Chalk Celebration? Art on the Concrete? I can't remember the catchy name that they came up with, but we headed over there to check it out. I was pretty cranky and didn't want to go, but I'm glad I did.

They use the Downtown Main Street sidewalks as an art pallet and people get to walk around and admire the art and hopefully stop in and shop a little, too.

They let the High School art students show off their stuff, and each business had someone represent their store with a drawing.

I liked this one a lot - Rockwell has such tender scenes.
The reflection of light on this one was really cool!

I think a "compensated" guest artist did this one, but I thought the detail was so impressive!

They let the kids try their hand at chalk drawing on the Tabernacle sidewalks, which was really fun for the kids. Boo and Yaks haven't had much experience w/ drawing w/ chalk. Let's see how they did.

Yaks: "Look mom, I dwawing Thomas!"
Boo: "Look mom, I'm drawing a flower!"

Josh: "Look Amy, I drew you!"
Amy: "Wow! It looks...just like me!"

Boo, contemplating her next masterpiece
By the way, shortly before this picture, Boo and I were running through the streets trying to find a business open, so she could go potty. I usually put her in a pull-up for such outings, but forgot. (She just gets so distracted she forgets to tell me she needs to go.) But, we're proud to announce that we make it through the doors and down the hall of a nice Indian restaurant and after about five minutes of coaxing her to go, and me kneeling on the floor of the public restroom, she went. Whew! The end.

"Mom! I've got pink stuff on my fingers!"

"Isth awright, Boo!" Little Yaks - he's so kind. Check out that cute little chalky bumOff to the city fountain for a rinse-off

And home we go. "Dad, could we get a fre-fry?"


love.boxes said...

Was that a fluffy pink tu tu that boo drew? So cute boo!

steph said...

I love the sidewalk art! Those are amazing... I mean the professionals', and the kids'. What a great family outing. Oh can I ever relate to the potty experience. I'm glad you made it. An accident on an outing like that can really put a damper. Well done.

Sarah said...

We happened to see some of the sidewalk art when getting stamps at the postoffice. We stood and watched for a few seconds as the artist worked on the Indian Chief. I loved the night cars at Dees. We didn't however venture over to the tabernacle. How much fun for the kids - the whole family really. Can't beat your portrait ;) GREAT PICTURES.