Monday, April 14, 2008


Friday I sat here at the computer while the kids played. I thought it would be fun to type their conversation for five minutes. It was a fun and interesting exercise. They were playing "kitchen" and baking pretend cookies. Boo's in pink, Yaks in blue, I'm in bold.

Speaking of Boo and Yaks. They are just nicknames, as I'm sure you know. I'm kinda paranoid to use their real names on a blog that anyone and everyone can read - I know, it's silly - it's not like more than five of you read it anyway! But, it makes me feel better having a little bit of anonymity for the little ones. We actually do call Boo "Boo". It morphed from several other nicknames. Yaks we used to call "brains" as a little baby, due to his large head, then "brain-i-ACK" then "YAK-Attack" then "Yaks". That nickname has since morphed into several others, but we'll keep using Yaks here on the old blog. Okay, here we go!

I watch you eat your dinner
Good job!
Thanks, that makes me happy
Good job, good job those cookies!Good job, Boo!Great job, Boo!
You’re welcome!
You wewcome!
(Yaks opens the "oven door") Nooo! Stop. Leave it closed. These will be done in just a minute. Let’s wash your hands, let’s get some soap. We’re just going to get some soap for your hands!
I will get soap in my eyes.
It’s just soap for your hands, it won’t get in your eyes. It’s not going to get in your eyes!
I’m climbing on the castle! (our kitchen set doubles as a castle – which needs to be climbed and conquered)
Get down from there, please.
Boo? I’m going to climb down.
Okay, climb down. Be careful not to hit you, okay?
I’m going to wash my hands.
Okay, be careful not to spill the water or to spray it, okay? (pretend water)
Okay. I don’t spray it. I don’t spray it. Look Boo, a horsie!
I’m a washing my hands. What you making, Boo?
Don’t tip this over.
I won’t.
Okay. What time is it? Is it daddy come home, or is it time to watch Streets?
It Daddy come home?
Owe, Yaks! Owe, owe, owe, that hurt! Stop it, I’m doing the cookies!
I like it, I like it.
STOP IT! Don’t bodder me, okay, Yaks?
Where’s the lion? (a toy lion)
He fell down
He went crash? He fell down? I will pick him up.
Say thank you for the cookies! Say thank you for making them.
Thank you for making ‘um.
You welcome!
Watch this, mommy! Watch this! I try again!
What are we doing? We’re making cookies. Mom, where’s the box?
What box?
Here it is. Don’t! I’m making this. Stuck, but you can’t be stuck! (line from Sesame street where an elephant gets stuck in Maria's bathtub)
Boo? You can’t be stuck? You can be tuck?
Okay, first I give one to Yaks. Get some plates.
These are purpows.
I’m going to get one for me, and I’m going to get one for you.
You just got one. Stop it. This one is yours. Okay, so stop it. Eat your cookie. Get a drink!
This is my cereal. What’s wrong, Boo?
Well, I just frushtrated because you were touching my cookies.
What’s wrong, Boo?
I frushtrated. Okay, now you stop it. Okay? Eat your cookie.


I think this should be made into a screenplay. It's THAT compelling. Boo does sound a tad bossy in re-reading it, but she never used "angry" voice in her "motherly" requests (orders) and no one was injured, so that's always nice.

*No real water, soap, lions or cookies were used in the production of this episode.


Lin said...

this is what i learned about your children:

They are very supportive of and concerned for each other ("Good job!" "What's wrong, Boo?")

They are polite ("Say thank you for the cookies." "You're welcome.")

They have great imaginations (lions in the kitchen/castle?! awesome!)

They are cautious ("It's just soap for your hands, it won't get in your eyes." "Don't spill it or spray it.")

They follow a schedule (Is it time for daddy to come home or watch "Streets")

They are good at expressing their feelings ("I just frushtrated.")

Finally, they are adorable!! Such a good idea to capture their interactions with each other.

love.boxes said...

FUn! I love it!

kthom said...

I 've been meaning to ask you how their nicknames came to're one step ahead :) Classic conversation they'll love years to come!

Sarah said...

I like to sit back and just listen to what Meg is saying. Often she is repeating what has been heard from me... Or, being extremely creative and funny! I need to sit back and listen more. It definately makes like more interesting.