Tuesday, April 15, 2008

If You're Going To San Francisco...Be Sure to Leave ...Your Emergency Contact Information

I've got problems.

Josh and I are going on a trip to SF this weekend for a few days and leaving the bubs with Nana. Thank you, Nana! I'm very excited. We honeymooned in SF almost five years ago, so this business trip (Web 2.0) for Josh was a great excuse to take me along. We've started prepping the kids for the upcoming "trip", and it hasn't gone as smoothly as I had hoped. Boo's taking it the hardest. "Who will read me na-night stories?" (eyes welling with tears) "Nana will read you lots of stories, and it will be SO fun!" But I want YOU to read me stories, I don't WANT you to go on a trip!" (crocodile tears, sob.) Yaks is now in a "big boy" bed, since he kept crawling over the bars and escaping. That helped with putting him TO bed, but he's started coming into our room when he wakes up in the middle of the night. No fun for sleepy parents! What's he going to do when he wanders into our room and neither of us are there? Poor Nana. I know the kids will survive, but I hate feeling like I'm dumping my kids and their "issues" on dear family members. It just doesn't seem right. It hasn't helped that Yaks is cutting some serious molars and both kids have been sickie for several weeks. Kids with issues... and drool...and cranky pants.

What am I doing wrong here? I'm going, but why do I always have that anxiety and worry beforehand? Granted, we don't take a lot of trips (sorry, Josh) and I'm hardly ever away from my kids (sorry, Josh). Is that the problem? Does Boo sense my apprehension and she's manipulating the situation, or do I need to go about prepping her in a different way? Do I not take ENOUGH trips w/o them, and I've damaged them so permanently that I'll have to move away with them to college? Do you all worry the same way, but you just don't blog about it?


Heidi said...

First - your kids will be different with grandparents. And they NEED that time with them to establish their own relationship.

Second - it never is easy to leave your kids. I don't think it gets easier. Which is why I do it. Because I would never leave otherwise and that isn't good for me.

Third - Lucky!

love.boxes said...

It's never easy to leave. But you have to take that time for yourself sometimes. Not to mention that time away is good for your marriage and there is no greater gift you can give your children than a happy home. You are doing just fine. It will be ok. :)

Sarah said...

Things will be fine. You'l have a good time...if you can force yourself to relax!

One thing that may help the preparing (in a positive way with the little ones) is to get a new bag (or what appears to be new from the back of a closet) for each kid and pack it with some special "projects" that "G'ma is waiting to do with just them." Such as a new coloring book, special books to read at night, a new small stuffed animal, a flashlight, etc. Maybe even a disposable camera to let them "show mommy what they did when she wasn't watching"

I do think that leaving them more often wouldn't be a bad thing. Well, yes, bad/hard at the first, but in the long run it is good for the kids to go through the separation...I know my Mom will come back for me feelings.

Good luck.

On The Go Family said...

Ames, you wouldn't be a good mom if you weren't worrying about your kids for one thing or another! I often worry ... then feel guilty for worrying ... then wonder if I'm worrying enough!

I'm sure the kids will do great with Nana and I hope you have a great trip! You deserve it.

Amy said...

Thanks for the good advice and words of encouragement, friends! I really appreciate it. I'm glad I'm not the only one :) Great idea about the "parting gift" bag. I'm on it!

kthom said...

Simply because I just got back from our little vacation, I feel like I could share my 2 cents. I felt EXACTLY the same way you do. We didn't even have cell service for 2 1/2 days so that was weird. Just remember as I HAD to, they love being with gramdma or Nana. They'll be smitten within 10 minutes. I called one night and I literally heard Cole say, "I don't want to talk right now...can I please have a Batman fruit snack?" I was totally full of guilt knowing that someone else was caring for MY kids, but I realized (on day 3 of 5) they love me and my children and that was an act of service that I was letting them do, cause I sure as heck don't go on "mom and dad" trips very often. Enjoy the time and eat yummy food!! You'll be back in the madness soon enough :)