Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Out the Door

JB just left for church meetings. Boo likes to see him off at the door and call out her motherly advice as he's leaving (said in the sweet, high-pitched voice of Boo):

"Okay, have a good day!"
"Be careful and don't get hit by a car!" (sound advice for anyone leaving the house)
"You can come back to my house when you're done!" (good to know you're always welcome at her house)

Tonight there was an interesting spin:

"Okay, if you need to go potty, come home. Don't go wet wet at church, okay? You come back to my house and hurry fast and go!"


Libby said...

That's pretty funny. How cute!

Sarah said...

Funny! Now she is certainly into the whole potty training thing, huh. And...she'll be sure your all included in the toilet invites!

Sally Anderson said...

so funny!

On The Go Family said...

Hilarious! Goose yells "Good Luck" every time Matt leaves, since we said that a few months ago before he went to take his first test. I guess you can never have too much luck though, eh?

kthom said...

It does sound like she's got all her bases covered. Way to install the basics to survive in society, no one wants to be wet wet and then try to dodge a car! :)

steph said...

Darling girl. Now that is sound advice one can live by. I'll bet that kept JP smiling all through his meetings. That made me grin. My girls do a similar routine, only their advice is "Be careful on the ice roads!" (Especially helpful on a balmy 70 degree spring day.)