Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blushing Bride

We have a bridal portrait of me hanging in our bedroom. It's an 11X14 head-to-toe shot and I'm standing at a window looking ethereal and statuesque. (haha) It's been on our wall since we got married. Today the kids were hanging out in our bedroom while I was getting ready for the day and Yaks said, "Mom? Zat you? Zat you in dat picture?" I looked over to see what he was referring to, and he was looking from the picture, then to me, back to the picture and then at me, it clearly dawning on him for the first time that that picture is of his Mom! Nice. I know I don't look exactly like that anymore, but come on! haha.

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love.boxes said...

I didn't think I looked that good in my bridal portrait.. now I'd kill to look like that. Wrinkles, chub, white hair coming in.. it's all got me. :)