Friday, April 18, 2008

Annie Get Your Gun!

I have a very musically talented family. I never knew there could be so many parts to "Happy Birthday", but there are several. It sounds like a Broadway musical! I sing the melody because well...someone has to. ;) Last night I went to see Abby (my sister-in-law) perform in Hale Centre Theatre's Annie Get Your Gun. She played a female chorus member, and had at least six costume changes and was singing and dancing the entire show! I've heard the music to Annie, but have never actually seen it. It was really entertaining and fun. Abby did a GREAT job and was so fun to watch/hear - what talent! It was also great to have a night off while Josh stayed home w/ the kids. My favorite song was "Anything You Can Do" - It's even funnier seeing it in person. BRAVO!

"Anything you can do,
I can do better.

I can do anything
better than you.
No, you can't.

Yes, I can.
No, you can't.

Yes, I can.
No, you can't.

Yes, I can, Yes, I can!
I can jump a hurdle.

I can wear a girdle.

I can knit a sweater.
I can fill it better!

I can do most anything!
Can you bake a pie?


Neither can I."


love.boxes said...

I would love to see that!

Sarah said...

What a fun break! I remember singing that song in sixth grade. It became quite the competition when the girls were singing against the boys. I am certain it didn't resemble anything of a song. More like a shouting match of little kids who thought they were cool. You know the type...remember your classrooms. Couldn't you just visualize them bursting into song ;)