Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Seven Things I Love Today

I've never been tagged before! This is fun. Tiffany tagged me to share
Seven Things I Love Today

  1. Completing some long overdue projects. It rarely happens, so it feels really good!
  2. My pillow – I literally smile when my head hits it at night. I’m looking forward to it tonight!
  3. Snuggling with the kids in my bed and reading stories before naps. It’s one of the few times they are quiet and still, and I know they won’t want to do this forever.
  4. Re-reading Harry Potter – it’s like visiting an old friend.
  5. A visit from Cousin Sarah, who brought a new book to share! I love living so close to my cousin. She’s a good friend.
  6. A happy thought today - Nielson’s Frozen Custard and a CafĂ© Rio Salad .
  7. Today is Wednesday, which means tomorrow is Thursday and JB won’t have any meetings! Hooray!
Would anyone like to play? Oh, come on.


Sarah said...

Oh no, don't admit that you've never been tagged...or they'll all come your way! Fun things to be thankful for. That was fun to read through. I think we should turn the 'thought' of a custard into a night out some time soon!

love.boxes said...

Oh I love those last two things so much myself! And, I want to read that book about the biggest ever Snowman! Fun!