Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In every job that must be done, there's an element of fun

Here are some elements of our fun!

We checked out Mary Poppins from the library a few weeks ago. Boo calls it "Mary Ann Poppins" and Yaks calls it "Hoppins". Jane and Michael's mother, Mrs. Banks always says, "Yes, Dear" to everything Mr. Banks demands (which I found interesting, because she was a suffragette). The other night I needed Boo to come downstairs for something, so I called her name and she replied very politely and sweetly, "Yes, Dear?"

The kids got the Beauty and the Beast movie for Christmas. The other day during their baths, Boo would take a washcloth, grab Yaks' arm, and say, "Now hold still...this might hurt a leet-o bit." Yaks of course protested with screams at having his arm squeezed, and Boo would say, "YOU should troll your temper!" *I promise they don't watch movies all day long.*

I spent longer than usual on my hair one day, diffusing it for a more different look. I even used mousse! I had it all cute and sprayed, when I went to go get Boo from her bed. She took one look at me and said, "Woah, your hair's kinda crazy!" Thanks, Boo. :(

Yaks was reading stories w/ JB on Monday morning. He hadn't shaved yet. Yaks was touching his face and looking at him quizzically. He said, "Daddy, you ha dirt on yo face? Nee wash it?"

Boo got some princess dolls for Christmas that have Colorform clothes, gloves and other accessories that you can remove and interchange. My favorite that she says is, "Mom, can you help me put on her glugs?"


On_The_Go Family said...

Oh, I just love hearing the things that little kids say. Thanks for making me smile after a tough day w/sick kids. Can't wait 'til mine are being cute again!

Lindsey said...

the bath one is my favorite. what cute kids you have.

love.boxes said...

So cute. I love little person speak.