Thursday, January 17, 2008

Going OUT to Dinner!

The first time I experienced Rodizio Grill, was with a boy in my ward, who asked me out on a date while attending college. He wanted to "practice" (show off) his returned-missionary Portuguese language, and apparently lighten his heavy wallet. We had an okay time. The food more than made up for the awkward silences and horribly LONG ride home. I've been there several more times either on dates or with friends (Train and Lindsey), and have really enjoyed eating there. My favorites are the grilled pineapple, the mashed potatoes and of course the deliciously varieties of seasoned and cooked meat! I can't choose a favorite there. YUMMY.

The last time JB and I went together was when Boo was little (still in a carseat, and unable to walk). We had received a gift card from a friend and were so excited to go "out to eat" on someone else's dime! She started squawking the minute our drinks were served, and we ended up cutting our dinner short in fear of disturbing the couples around us. It was so disappointing. I think we ended up getting a Little Caeser's Pizza on the way home, because we were still hungry!

Anyway, tonight some clients of JB's are taking us to Rodizio Grill. The kids are going to hang out w/ Nana. I'm really looking forward to a kid-free meal of food I didn't have to prepare, as well as some adult conversation! Wahoo.


laurenthequeen said...

Have Fun!!! I wish we were there to join you.

On_The_Go Family said...

Hope it went well! We went out with the kids one night this week for a free meal at a grand opening and after 15 minutes, I remembered why we never go out to eat.

Amy said...

We had a great time. I left Yaks crying at Nana's, so that wasn't very fun. The conversation was engaging, the food was delicious and the reunion with the kids we so, so sweet. "Mommy!" - and then they both started crying. Papa said, "It's tears of joy." haha. You've gotta love it.

Sarah said...

Glad you had a great time! I agree that the pineapple there is the BEST.
yes you've got to love the tears. You are loved...and they are better with the short times of being left alone, too!

love.boxes said...

It's good to get out every so often. I'm so glad you had fun. After eating there I wanted to visit Brazil. My husband went to Rio about 2 years ago and he said that I would love it there... lots of flowers. :)