Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Anti (bread) Crusts

My kids have a thing against bread crust. They don't eat it! It's as though the crust of their bread represents a border they must not cross, a line they must not toe, a limit they must not exceed. I'm not sure why my kids don't like crust. I'm pro-crust myself! I don't think I was always that way. I do recall leaving the top crust of the bread when I was young, and I'm not sure WHY. I eat bread crust in front of my kids. I've never tossed my bread crust in the garbage or given it to the imaginary dog!

But, every morning after breakfast, these are the "leftovers" I see:

Yaks is a good eater. He gets as close as he can to eating the crust without actually eating it.
He toes the line. He lives on the "edge".

Boo is a bit more reserved. She plays it safe, and stays well within the imaginary border.
A little too safe, I say.
She had to polish off the rest of the interior of this piece, because three bites of toast? That's just a waste!

The same goes for our sandwiches at lunch. I've even resorted to just cutting off the crusts of their sandwiches for them, pointing out that I've done so. But, I'm still met with a similar "border" left on their plates, but a bit smaller in size. (sigh) It's a mystery I cannot solve.

Are you pro or anti crust?
Do your kids eat their crust?
How is this aversion learned?


On_The_Go Family said...

I'm a crust fan myself, unless the bread is REALLY dry. Goose's favorite bread is rye, which is pretty soft, so she and Blue are fine with those crusts. Sometimes with whole grain wheat, the crusts are just too much to swallow!

laurenthequeen said...

Little Man will rarely touch a sandwich. I don't even try. Sometimes he'll have a couple bites of mine, but it's a waste to make him a sandwich.

Amy said...

Train - that's right, I remember that now about Little Man.

Onthego- Rye bread, huh? I've never liked rye bread because of the caraway seeds. That's good your kids both eat it, though!

Lindsey said...

i remember having a thing against crust when i was younger and i remember adults telling me to eat my crust. sometimes i still eat my toast like Boo, but usually only at restaurants when they toast it for too long or the toast is cold.

basically, i grew out of fact i prefer only the crust of some types of bread (french, yum) they probably won't eat it b/c it's different - in taste and texture - and they just have to get used to it.

i've always liked rye and pumpernickle though because there isn't so much a noticeable difference between the crust and the bread and they are soft and yummy...and also cost more. but they have seedless rye and rye/pump swirl should you want to give it a try. plus you could use it to make rueben sandwiches!!

good luck!

JBpaulsen said...

I still don't eat bread crusts - yuck! I would rather have my range of bodily movement reduced to that of a G.I. Joe action figure.

Lin said...
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On_The_Go Family said...

I'm impressed you know the name of the seeds in rye bread. I had no idea! Goose actually prefers the dark rye to light, perhaps because of the aforementioned seeds. Who knows.

There's a great local company here that sells light and dark rye at Wal-mart for prices that can't be beat. The name's Cincinnati Rye ... but I'm guessing they're only regional.

Amy said...

And that...answers that! I had no idea you didn't like crusts, JB..."If you don't know me by will never, never, never know me..."