Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Last night was carving night for our little orange friends. The poor things. They've been hauled around, tossed, rolled, poked and prodded by the kids all week. I bet a trip to the carver was almost expected! JB and I each took a child and a pumpkin and were in charge of "helping them" carve it. Boo knew just what she wanted, ("tri-gur eyes and nose, and a mouth with teeth to bite.") and anxiously helped by popping out the pieces the I cut out, then colored the little baby pumpkins with washable markers.

It was fun! We ended up with this:

It's nothing fancy, but Boo loved it, and had a great time watching it glow in the dim light.

JB was working with Yaks. He vowed that he was just going to carve something "simple" this year. The words "simple" and "JB" don't really go together.

Then he got out his filet knife.

(15 minutes later) Yaks tried to help for a few more minutes, but eventually lost interest and started trying to carve my pumpkin with a knife sharpener. Poor kid. Let the child carve SOMETHING!

(20 minutes later) Daddy? I'm getting tired. Are you done with my pumpkin yet?

(30 minutes later) We had finished, cleaned up and moved onto our next activity when Dad emerged with this.
Okay, it's cool. I'll give you that. The teeth and glasses glow with the light behind them.
(I couldn't get a picture w/o the flash going off)

If you haven't carved yours yet (and aren't as creative as JB), here is a helpful little site with lots of cute ideas (scroll down a-ways to find the free printables)! You just print one out, tape it on your pumpkin, punch out the pattern, cut out the pieces and VA-LAH!

Happy Carving!

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