Monday, November 12, 2007

Work it Out

One of the ladies in our ward got permission from our Bishop to start an early-morning aerobics class in the gym at the church. Today was my first day. It began at 5:45AM and lasted an hour. I used to wake up that early every day to read my scriptures, have a healthy breakfast, plan my lessons for school, make my bed, etc. Then I had kids. One of those kids deprived me of so much sleep, I feel as though I am STILL catching up! I haven't done any consistent exercise in four years and have never attended a real exercise class!

Jamie is our instructor, and she was awesome! I am still admiring her abilities. It's like I have my own Jillian! She wasn't that hard-core, but she did admit to trying to do a one-handed push-up the other night. It was a small class (five of us total), and I knew everyone there, so I didn't feel too silly as I tripped and stumbled my way through some of the moves. It was a pretty new experience to hear new words like, "box left" and "jack it out" and "step it up", etc. My legs and arms still feel like jelly, but I'm excited to have actually "exercised" this morning!

I think this will be a good fit for me. I'm actually really grateful to find something that I can do at a time of day that won't conflict w/ JB's schedule, is free of charge, and can be done without distraction from the kids (they were still sleeping when I got home). It's also nice to know that I have other people there who expect me to be there - that whole accountability thing, you know? And there's no better reward than to feel like you are getting fit, losing weight (hopefully), and starting your day off right.


Sarah said...

I am so proud...and lazy myself. How can I enjoy my last hour of SLEEPING in knowing you have already broken a sweat? Just kidding. Good for you. I understand how the whole day seems to go better when you start it by doing something slowly for yourself rather trying to keep up with the kids from the first second you wake up...especially working out. Good luck with keeping it going.

Shelese said...

That is so awesome! nothing beats FREE!!! It sounds like she a great teacher too! what luck! Keep up the good work!