Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Boo has been so excited to go choose her own pumpkin this year. Yaks can even say "pump-tim" and copies Boo's excitement on seeing them at the grocery store or on neighbors' doorsteps. We finally got our act together and found a local pumpkin patch with pick-your-own pumpkins. I had never been to a "real" pumpkin patch before (we were a grocery store pumpkin family). There were pony rides, a hay maze, a corn maze, etc. It was really fun! We got our little cart and went searching for our great pumpkins in the fields.

Boo wanted a "little" one, and reminded us about 100 times.
She eagerly took matters into her own hands and went searching solo.

Yaks was just happy for the experience. Little pumpkin-head.

Look at his little determined face. He really thinks he can pick that thing up by himself.

Family Picture! It seems as though Boo has taken after me in being grumpy-face-cry-baby for every family picture. She was upset because she wanted the pumpkin in the cart, not on the ground! (sigh)


After all that work and all that fun, it was time for bed!
Sure, you can sleep with your pumpkin tonight. Why not!?


Onthego Family said...

What sweet kids. What a gorgeous family! Very fun. So glad you shared.

Shelese said...

ha! I love that you let her sleep with it, that is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time! What a sweetheart.

HRT said...


Shelese said...

It looks like Yaks is close to picking his nose again? lol

Amy said...

HA! I hadn't noticed that. Awe, man...one crying girl and one nose-picking boy. How DARLING!