Monday, October 22, 2007

The Pumpkin Walk

Cath and I (and the kids) went up to Logan on Friday to rendezvous with the rest of the family to experience the Pumpkin Walk. It's a Cache Valley tradition that's been going on since the 80's. People take their pumpkins, gourds, and squash and paint, carve, and decorate them to put them in a scene having to do with the theme for the year ("Those Were The Days"). It seemed to be TV shows and songs from the past.

Even baby Brinlee "Beanz" and her parents got in on the fun!

We saw some great ones this year. It’s really grown up since I remember it from my college days! The weather was perfect “warm-before-the-storm” temperature. I took some pictures so you could "walk" with us. Come on guys, let's go!

We were greeted by the first display "Monster Mash"

The next one was our favorite. Can you guess?

I love Big Bird. Check out his pumpkin legs and the leaves for his feathers. Creative genius, I tell you! Can you see Super Grover flying in to save the day? Awesome.

Yaks couldn’t get enough of Sesame Street and would have been content lingering there all day!

"Old McDonald Had a Farm"

"And on that farm he had two kids E-I-E-I-O.
With a bad hairdoo here and a nose-pick there..."

"100 Years of Scouting"

"Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed"

Boo was petrified of sticking her head into these cute little cut-outs. Yaks thought it was pretty cool, so he got to be Cinderella. Sorry, Yakkers!

Now, I haven't seen this show, "Hairspray" won a special award. The girl in the middle was rigged up so that she did the twist. It was very creative! I thought there might be some hairspray fans out there.

"Go ahead, make my day." Check out the detail on the face!

I loved these cute little "creatures" hiding in the sand. All made out of squash and pumpkins!

Thanks Pumpkin Walk 2007! We'll see you next year, for sure.


love.boxes said...

I love this and I've never heard of it! It sounds like sooo much fun!

Onthego Family said...

Wow -- that is so cool! I've never heard of such a thing either. Thanks for letting us share in the fun.

Shelese said...

Wow, you're right about much it has grown! That's amazing stuff! Loved you're old mcdonald song, you're so funny.