Thursday, October 25, 2007

An Apple A Day

While we were up at my parents' a few weeks ago, Dad declared that the apple trees needed to be stripped of their fruit, since a frost was coming. I love going up there -- there's always work to be done. It makes you feel really needed. JB has gotten so he automatically packs work clothes when we visit. Bless his heart! So, being the dutiful children (and grandchildren) that we are, we got right to work on stripping the apple tree. Andy and Dad got the loppers, climbed into the tree and started chopping branches, while the rest of us set to work putting the apples into laundry baskets and carts. Mmmm, these apples are heavenly. They are so crisp and juicy. I wish I could express-ship some to each of you...along with some caramel dip. :)

Boo had a great time collecting apples. She felt that they all needed to go directly into the cart, and so made herself busy. It was so great to see her having such fun with something that was technically work. I realized that I really need to give her more chores outside, because (like me) she seems to tire of folding her clothes and putting them away, helping me load and unload the dishwasher, vacuum, etc. Sometimes we just need to mow a lawn, you know?

And what could top it off better than an apple cart ride to the garage? Not much, I tell ya.


Onthego Family said...

Wow! So, what are you going to make with all those apples?

We got our first frost last night. I covered our mums and the new bushes. Hopefully they fared well.

Amy said...

I just eat them fresh. I need to learn how to bottle applesauce and pie filling by myself. My mom bottles them and the rest of it gets pressed into delicious apple cider!

laurenthequeen said...

Little Man wouldn't have been allowed to help. All of the apples would have ended up in the cart with big bite marks on them. Also I have a yummy recipe for applesauce cake.