Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Burning Hole In My Pocket

I was given a sum of money from my Grandma for my birthday. This was an unexpected surprise and was very generous of her. It's been a really long time since I've been given a sum of money to spend any way I want, and I'm having a really difficult time doing so! What is wrong with me?

When I lived in at home and was making my own money, I had no problem spending it! When payday rolled around I would get my check, cash it (since I didn't have a bank account at the time), go out to Baja Fresh with Lauren and Heather, buy some clothes that I wanted (not on sale), buy an ice cream machine (cause it seemed like fun to own an ice cream machine), go get my haircut (for the 2nd time that month)...you get the picture. Now I'm married and I'm a mother of two, and suddenly I feel totally guilty for spending money on myself!

I have literally spent my birthday money 100 different ways in my head! How sad. I feel like I have to be so careful, because it isn't every day you get money that isn't earmarked for a bill or for Christmas gifts or to buy clothes for...the kids.

So, what should I do? It's been almost a week and I haven't even cashed it yet!
Here are a few of my ideas:

1.) Get my hair cut and highlighted.
2.) Buy some cool and fun Christmas gifts for JB and the kids
3.) Get JB a gym membership for the winter months
4.) Buy coordinating outfits for everyone for our Christmas picture
5.) Buy some cutesy decor (Fall or Christmas) for our house
6.) Rent a rug shampoo-er and clean my carpets
7.) Save it
8.) Pick a new hobby and get all of the necessary "stuff" for it (I've been considering digital scrapbooking, but hadn't had the money to do it)
9.) Update my casual wardrobe to the year 2000

So many choices! What to do? Any ideas as to how I decide how to spend it? Maybe I should just mail it back to Grandma and say, "This gift was too difficult. Thank you anyway. Love, Amy"


laurenthequeen said...

We have a rule in our family that "gift" money (things like birthdays and christmas) are only allowed to be spent on the person receiving the cash. So following that rule, hair appointments, hobbies for YOU, and/or clothes would be great. If you feel guilty about it then I would lean towards the hobby, since scrapbooking is something you can treasure. You won't wonder in two months why you highlighted your hair because now you have roots and don't have the money to update it.

Amy said...

True statement, Train. True statement.

laurenthequeen said...

And I have a feeling too that although JB would love a gym membership, he would not be happy to know that you used b-day money from your grandma to buy it.

Shelese said...

The guilt thing gets me everytime too... I'd do the scrapbooking or the coordinating outfits for the family photo or the decorations for the house. That way it's an item that mainly you want, but that includes the family in it too. It makes me happier that way.

Erik would get money and spend it 100 percent on him, I resented that a little one year and just spent my money 100% on me the next time around... it wasn't as fun as I thought it would be.

Moms. We just like everyone to be included. ha... even if it's only in our minds. :) (they probably won't love the family photo, or scrapbook or decorations anyway but it might make you feel better.)

love.boxes said...

If it were my money, I think I would spend some of it to buy a really special book, a hardcover of a classic you love and then have your grandmother in acid free ink write you a birthday letter inside the cover... just because special grandmothers don't last forever and you'll want something to remember this by... something more permanent.

Shelese said...

Hey! That's a great idea since the money was from her! I like that one Tiff.

What do you think about doing something along those lines Amy? I'm curious to hear what you do.

HRT said...

I would probably use it to splurge on a great dinner out. I love eating out and having really fabulous food, though. :)