Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I was treasure-hunting at DI a few weeks ago and came across an unfamiliar game. It had all of the pieces, including a new, sharpened pencil and a working timer! Plus, it was $1.50, so I bought it. It's called Hoopla and is from the makers of Cranium. It is a blast, people! We've played it twice w/ two different couples. There are 250 cards, and each person is dealt four, then you work as a team to try to guess all of the clues. Here's an example: The card you draw has a picture of what it is, and on the other side is the category: what, who, where. You roll the dice and depending on what color it lands on, you have to get the rest of the group to guess what your card says by doing one of the following activities:

Cloodle - draw it w/o talking or using letters or numbers
Tongue-Tied - Try to get the other players to guess your card by saying single words that all start with the same letter. Clue: Major Musician Memphis Answer: Elvis
Tweener - Give one clue that goes, "It is bigger than _________ but smaller than _______." I had a good one - Bigger than McDonalds, but smaller than the mall. Food Court
- Act out what's on your card by using only gestures and sound effects, but no words.

Winter is coming, so if you need a fun game to play with a group or just with a friend/spouse, check it out! It's our new favorite.

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