Friday, September 7, 2007

Weekend Report

It’s taken me a week to find some time to post the weekend report. We had a great time on our little getaway! It was just what we needed. If you ever need an escape that's not too far from Salt Lake, consider it. Like Heidi said, “Be careful. You will fall head over heels in love with Midway.”

A special thanks first goes out to Mom, who bravely and graciously volunteered to watch our kidlets so that the dream of this weekend could become a reality. I knew the kids would make it in once piece, but I worried about my poor mom all weekend, praying they would behave for her.

JB and I started off with a trip to the temple. Boy, it’s been shamefully too long since we’ve been able to go together. We left feeling great and it was like a breath of fresh air! We then followed it with a “worldly” movie by going to see The Bourne Ultimatum. Ugh, I’m embarrassed to even type it! It was awesome, but I felt guilty going from the temple to the movies. I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I would have, but that’s probably a good thing.

We went to lunch at the Market Street Broiler. We don’t eat out a lot, especially to sit-down restaurants, so this was a grand treat. There is something wonderful about not having to plan, cook and clean up your meal, isn’t there? It was delicious. Even if it hadn’t been delicious, it would have been DELICIOUS!

We made the quick trip up to Midway and enjoyed the sweet silence of a kidless car. I read part of a book and we listened to music and….TALKED! It was crazy not to be interrupted or to have to contort my body to break up a fight or dole out snacks!

We hit Swiss Days, which was a bit disappointing. I thought it would be authentic Swiss cuisine w/ people dressed in traditional Swiss attire, talking about the culture, etc. It was a craft fair and the only thing Swiss that I saw were the Swiss flags that adorned the booths. When you don’t have spending money to decorate your house with cutesy crafts, this isn’t a whole lot of fun. So, we ordered a pizza, watched a movie and called it a day.

The next morning started with a delicious buffet breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant. Bacon, pancakes, fresh berries and yogurt, hot oatmeal, eggs, hashbrowns, etc. It was heavenly, again…to sit and enjoy a meal (although I still ate as though someone was going to steal my food...habit) , talk and read the paper.

The sheepdog classic was my favorite. We found some great seats under a shaded pavilion and were neighbors to some really entertaining people, who made it a lot of fun. The dogs and their trainers are truly something to behold. If you get a chance to go to one sometime, do it. One run was my favorite. The trainer gave the dog the go-ahead, and it took off up the mountain to retrieve the five wild yearling sheep that were being held. The dog went right up the middle of the field, which would send him plowing right through the middle of the sheep herd, scattering the sheep. The trainer gave one whistle (there were dozens of whistles that mean different things) and the dog stopped dead in his tracks and crouched down, then another whistle sent him left and around the back side of the mountain to drive the sheep from behind. I couldn’t help but think of the principle of obedience, and how perfectly these dogs displayed it. I need to work on more exactly following the commandments, particularly when I can’t exactly “see” what’s over the hill.

Driving the sheep through the gates (wishing I had a telephoto lens)

Cooling off after a hard work out

I thought this dog (left) was the prettiest one of the show.
She almost pranced out there like it was a beauty pageant.

That's her trainer on the left.


Onthego Family said...

Glad to read your weekend report. I've been checking for it all week.

Sorry to hear some aspects of the weekend didn't live up to the hype. Maybe next time you can swing by the real Zermatt. There's something about the setting there that makes even just walking around and looking at the all the artisan booths totally satisfactory!

Sounds like all the place needed was the retour des alpages -- a festival where the locals dress up all the animals to celebrate the day when the cows come down the mountains for the long winter. That is truly a sight.

Amy said...

I've got to admit, I was hoping for something like the festival you described last year. Even if they just dressed up their pets! Oh, well. I'll just have to get us some tickets and visit Switzerland myself, I suppose.

Shelese said...

What a great weekend!! That sounded like so much. The dogs sound so amazing! When you were talking about obedience I thought you were going to say "I need to start teaching my kids what these whistles mean", lol. Guess that explains how I'm feeling about my crazy kids these days, I'd love it if they'd stop dead in their tracks and follow my signal. :)

Amy said...

Shelese, I never thought to try whistles for my kids! That's not a bad idea. It worked for the Von Trapps!! I'm with you there, too. Yaks took off through a busy parking lot the other day and my heart is still palpitating.

love.boxes said...

I would love to see those dogs at work. Amazing. Little c is crazy, crazy for dogs and I'm allergic so we like to give her the opportunity to see them when we can. She love the St. Patricks Day parade in SLC when they march the Irish Wolf Hounds with there green bandanas down the street and then come the Setters. Pretty fun...

Amy said...

Loveboxes, Little c (although I'm not sure exactly how old she is) seems like she would be the perfect age. It takes a level of maturity and patience to sit and watch it. My kids (though dog-lovers) were too young to really enjoy it. It's much better for older elementary school-aged kids. Make a note and go next year. You'd love it! (bring binoculars, too)

HRT said...

I'm glad you loved it! We crave Midway after awhile! I've never been to Swiss Days but I've driven past it. Didn't look all that interesting but I can see where it was a let down. I'm glad that you had a getaway weekend with JB though!