Monday, September 10, 2007

Oh, Come With Me to Primary!

Yaks turned 18 months yesterday, the legal age to attend nursery! I've been working for MONTHS to get him acclimated to the nursery, spending each Sunday getting him used to the leaders and showing him how FUN it can be. Yaks has been a special case from the start. He cried the first six months of his life. I'm not even kidding, though I wish I was. I don't have any cute, snuggly baby pictures of him, because he was ALWAYS crying. I didn't even get pictures of him on his blessing day, because the kid cried straight through his blessing and for the rest of the day. He's improved, but he still doesn't do very well with babysittters or strangers. Just my luck...

We took Boo and Yaks to nursery yesterday, and got them going on playing with toys. They were having a good time, so we told them we were leaving and would be back. We told the nursery leaders that if Yaks gets really distressed, then they could come get one of us. The nursery leaders laughed at us, said the typical, "I've got five kids...he'll be never killed a kid to cry." I smiled politely, but said darkly in my mind, "we'll see...we'll see."

We scurried off to Sunday School, patting ourselves on the back...would I actually be able to enjoy a meeting without kids? JB got called out of class to answer some Young Mens' questions, and peeked in the window to check on Yaks. He was in a corner, hands slapping the walls (as though they would give way), bawling his eyes out. JB (softie) went in there to console him, and then left him again with Sister Vance (who is patient, soft-spoken, has children who sit with their arms folded, sweet smiles on their faces). JB went in to give the young men announcements for opening exercises, and I went to start my lesson. Apparently, Yaks cracked even the seasoned nursery leaders, because one of them came to the door with a wailing Yaks under her arm and said, "We tried. He has not stopped crying for 30 minutes." Poor JB had to deal with him for the rest of the block, and consequently had a horrible day.

We found out later that Boo wouldn't leave Yaks alone in nursery, and was smothering him and giving him constant kisses and hard hugs (which he HATES). Ugh. I also learned that in response to the question, "Does your daddy come home after he goes to work?" Boo said something like, "No, our daddy doesn't live with us. He doesn't live at our house."

Help me.


laurenthequeen said...

The worst we've had to deal with so far is Little Man's "aggression" towards the smaller kids. Translation: he hits little girls in the head with matchbox cars.

I had to laugh at Boo's comments - where in the world do they get this stuff?

Hang in there and keep trying. Hopefully he'll get used to it and Boo will go back to playing with the other kids.

Shelese said...

ha! "he doesn't live with us." that's hilarious! Rumor city in ward now eh? j/k