Thursday, September 6, 2007

I'd Like to Buy a Vowel...

Random post today, people. I enjoy reading blogs and I dare say I enjoy posting to a few as well. Many of you (myself included) have that little "word verification feature attached to the post. Every so often, I find myself trying to decipher what the letters are that they have issued me to de-code in the loopy, squished and wavy font! I find myself flipping coins as to whether it's a W+N or an N+W!

I thought the days were gone that I would have to try to use a coded key ring to try to read someone's writing! My 6th graders handwriting was sometimes more legible than these word verifications I'm asked to crack. I did work at the "agency", but my assignments were strictly clerical.

The other day I was posting to Train's blog and I got this one. I wrote it down it was so crazy.

zzpuwchr now... imagine it's in sort of cursive writing and squish the u and the w together. I don't know if it's a u+w or a w+u! Then squish the c and h together the same way. I didn't know if it was a d+ r or a c+h+r! Honestly, sometimes I spend more time code cracking than I do composing my comments! You should see me squinting at my computer screen, sounding out the letters...backing up to get a different view, and then shrugging my shoulders and typing my best guess. Fortunately, they don't make you keep guessing until you get it correct.

I say if they are going to do word verification, at least make it a word I can VERIFY! Can I get an amen? "Is it just me?"

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Shelese said...

Ha! I'll give you an AMEN! I've come to just hit enter a few times and get a new one if it's too difficutl "I give up".

great post, very entertaining once again. "backing up to get a different view" Ha!