Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The War

I noticed a commercial the other day for the new Ken Burns documentary "The War", and thought it would be a good thing to watch. Boy, is it ever! I like documentaries in general, but I feel much closer to this one, since my Pop fought in WWII as a Bombardier on a B-17. His plane was shot down over the Baltic Sea and was the lone survivor, becoming a prisoner of war and was a spy behind enemy lines. It's the coolest story EVER...full of near-death escapes, tunnels and writing letters in code to my grandma for the war department to decipher. Pop passed away a year ago next month, and I know he would have loved to see it. I would have loved to watch it with him.

Check out this documentary if you get the chance! Each segment is about an hour, but I just record them and then watch it when the kids go to bed.


Onthego Family said...

I read this article in the Christian Science Monitor the other day. Thought you might enjoy it.

Amy said...

Thanks, Onthego!